Friday, February 29, 2008

Vision 2020

28th February 1991 - a historical day for Malaysia. Former Prime Minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir (then YAB Datuk Seri Dr. Mahathir Mohammad) announced our ambition to join first world nation, through the Vision 2020. That was a good 17 years ago. Time really flies. And now, we are slightly less than 12 years from our goal. Are we there yet?

Do you think Vision 2020 is important? Do you think we talk too little about it nowadays? Are we still targeting at 2020? Would we be a developed nation? How is it like in a developed nation?

As I am talking, we just chalked up a 7.3% growth rate for our 4th Quarter of 2007, and a whole year of 6.3% growth rate for 2007. That's a huge growth. But, the question is can we sustain our growth?

Our foreign reserve right now is about USD100 Billion. Our trade figures is around RM1.1 trillion. Our stock market capitalization is around RM1.1 trillion too. And our Ringgit stands very strong against a weak USD. It is now about USD1 = RM3.20.

So, are we on track? Which of the 9 challenges of Vision 2020 that seems to be the most challenging for us to meet?

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1 comment:

changyang1230 said...

I think the main challenge of Vision 2020 is the social and political growth in the country. We are aspiring to be a modern country but we are still being governed as a third-world country. That's certainly something to be improved upon.