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NiEXUS - an e-learning site to learn English

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This would be another good initiative to promote the learning of English Language, to strengthen the level of English for primary and secondary school students in Malaysia.

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NiEXUS, the latest addition to the New Straits Times' Newspaper-in-Education programme, is a new English e-learning site for primary and secondary school students.

Built as a self-access learning site, NiEXUS has content that teaches English through fun, animated games and news-based exercises.

The site also provides web space for the sharing of views and creative expression while helping students enhance their IT skills and general knowledge.

The site contains more than 10 links to various language activities that complement the English language syllabus in schools.

Central to this site is News Flash, where four major news events from around the world are highlighted each week.

Clicking to this section will enable users to learn more about the countries involved, read the featured articles, and test their language skills through the given exercises.

The stories are presented in a simplified format with a glossary of difficult words for weaker students.

More advanced students can also access the published article for reading through a PDF link.

The Language Games section teaches grammar, vocabulary and writing via animated games.

Students at any proficiency level can access this section, regardless of their prior knowledge.

After finishing their activities, students would have improved their language skills to some degree, thanks to the short explanations after each answer.

Students can challenge their creative and critical thinking abilities via The Continuing Tale, Writing Prompts, My Say and Creative Twists sections.

For the more adventurous, NiEXUS hosts two links -- My School Rocks and A Day in Your Life -- that give students the experience of newspaper publishing.

Students can design their own front page using the tools given.

These are among the first journalism-based activities made available online for Malaysian students.

Teachers, too, can download ready-to-use NIE lessons from the site and monitor their students' NiEXUS activities online.

A progress chart is automatically created for every registered student.

NiEXUS is an authorised site so only schools registered with NIE will be able to access its activities.

Access is free to schools under NST School Sponsorship Programme (SSP), and to those subscribing to the NST this year (for the period of their sponsorship and subscription respectively).

Schools not under either category but who are interested in participating can register with a fee of RM150 per school year.

The NIE unit is currently holding teacher briefings around the country.

The new NiEXUS site has got teachers excited, as its first briefing session proves.

Jacob Matthew, from SMK Subang Utama, Petaling Jaya says it is an interesting and attractive portal with a good selection of activities where students will enjoy writing on the happenings at their school in this portal.

Sri Wahyuni Mohamed Kham, a lecturer at a teachers training college, is enthusiastic about what the students can do on the site.

The Continuing Tale is a very creative way to get students to think critically and creatively.

"And the beautiful part is that students are encouraged to write," she says.

My School Rocks, A Day in Your Life and My Say are great ideas to get students to write and express themselves, providing an excellent opportunity for students to have their work published and shared.

The Teacher Site is good in helping teachers monitor their students' progress and providing generous amounts of NIE activities.

As NIE facilitator Jagdish Bain puts it: "I think it is an excellent way to get students involved in the net. Even I am excited!"

For more details on NiEXUS and to subscribe, call Hanna Sheikh Mokhtar or Kulwant Kaur at the NIE Unit at 03-2056-9615/9692 or fax 03-2282-2335.

NiEXUS can be accessed at NiEXUS

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