Wednesday, February 27, 2008

theCICAK YouTube Challenge

Below is a challenge by theCICAK at here

Challenge politicians to respond to YouTube videos!
About COMPETITION | February 25, 2008

We at theCICAK want to conduct an experiment in bridging the gap between Malaysian politicians and youth.

And we're making a RM100 bet.

Post up a video of yourself on - with a short message for any local politician. Ask a question. Raise an idea.

Don't just say your piece - Seek a RESPONSE.

We'll give you RM100 if your video is the first YouTube video to get a YouTube recorded response from a local politician.

Let's find out if a local politician responds before the general election and you'll know who's really listening to the youth of Malaysia and engaging us on OUR terms.

To take up the bet, email us the YouTube video you created. If you get a video response, email to us as well… thecicak (at) gmail (dot) com

NOTE:You must be a Malaysian 35 and under, based in Malaysia or even out of the country. theCICAK will not be held responsible for any content hosted on the network. The bet expires after elections.

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