Saturday, February 23, 2008

MCA's Report Card

Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA) has announced its Report Card to showcase what are the achievements that MCA has done over the past 4 years since the last General Election.

Quek Ngee Meng, Acting Director of Lifelong Learning has scanned all those 9 Report Cards of 9 Point Party Platform in his blog. Please kindly refer to the links below:-

Platform 1: A Healthy Political Culture
Platform 2: Lifelong Learning Campaign
Platform 3: Revitalising Education
Platform 4: Chinese Language Education
Platform 5: Economic Competitiveness
Platform 6: Development and Promotion of Culture
Platform 7: New Villages Development
Platform 8: A Just and Caring Society
Platform 9: Rakyat Malaysia

Do help share the links of these MCA Report Cards of its performance.

To all voters out there, do go in and read through the report cards and decide for yourself, on whether MCA, and Barisan Nasional, has played its parts in fulfilling its responsibilities.

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