Monday, February 18, 2008

Cornell Engineering Alumni Association

Just realize from the Cornell Engineering Alumni magazine that a decision made in April 2007 (I know that it is a long time ago), that Cornell Engineering Alumni Association (CEAA) has now abolished all of its dues collection. With that, all of us, Cornell University College of Engineering Alumni would automatically become its members! Hurray!!!

This is definitely great news for Cornell Engineering Alumni like me. CEAA definitely is a sentimental organization for me, since I served for a year in CEAA Board of Director, representing Engineering Undergraduates in it. Karl Miller was the President then. It was then that I got chance to have my voice heard by CEAA fellow Board of Directors, whom many of them consisted of distinguished alumni, who might either own a company or in senior positions in various companies. That one year is a great learning experience for me, and it always amazed me seeing how those much more senior alumni listening to an undergraduate like me on how alumni could play a bigger role to support undergraduates' experience.

Hope to see more Cornell Engineering Alumni play a bigger role in our alma mater. For each year, we have about 700 Engineering graduates, so easily multiply that by 50 years, we have about 35,000 living Engineering alumni and I believe the actual number could be bigger. Of course, I assume that there were 700 Engineering graduates too 50 years ago (I don't have the stats then).

Thanks a lot to CEAA committee, led by Jaclyn Spears.

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