Sunday, February 17, 2008

Fong Po Kuan quits Batu Gajah

Fong Po Kuan, MP of Batu Gajah has announced that she would not be standing there as a candidate for the upcoming 12th General Election.

This definitely showcases even more internal problems among DAP. Earlier, DAP has been having internal problems with a lot of "parachutes" from other states going to be selected as their candidates in Penang for the upcoming General Election.

I guess voters would know better which party has been consistently able to deliver. Lets select based on the track record of the service of the party that has delivered.

For more info on Fong Po Kuan's quitting, go to Malaysiakini

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William said...

I agree that DAP has its own share of internal problems. However, regarding your "I guess voters would know which party has been consistently able to deliver", I would love to know more. Don't tell me it's MCA - I would laugh out loud.

bluez_aspic said...

It is disappointing that you have exploited this issue for some opportunistic sniping and swiping.

I expected better of you.

While you do have a point, Fong Po Kuan has served her people well. That she has decided to quit is a loss for parliamentary democracy (well, whatever little we had in the first place) and for the country, and this post deserved to have instead pay tribute to her. Her work and contributions are deserving of recognition regardless of our petty political affiliations - or have you allowed yourself to be blinded by that?

She will be remembered - with fondness.

MCA certainly doesn't have the moral high-ground here anyway e.g. Chua Soi Lek's busting bears all the fingerprints of an internal MCA job.

And surely you're mature enough to form an rational, objective, and independent assessment of individual candidates and political parties. Both MCA and DAP has its fair share of good and rotten eggs in the past - your two-legs-good-four-legs-bad is dumb and reeks of the trash we get in the mainstream papers.

A lot of people enter politics with good intentions - some accomplish more than others, but many sell their souls along the way. The path to hell is paved with good intentions.