Friday, February 01, 2008

4 Months Blogging

Time really flies. It has been almost 4 months since I first blogged. My first blog was on 4th October 2007. It is a good 4 months since then.

Do I enjoy the experience of blogging? Definitely, yes~!

I have also seen the tremendous growth of visitors to my blogs.

Some of the statistics include:-
Month Days Visits Hits Visits/day Hits/day Hits/Visit Growth(Visit) Growth(Hits)
Oct-07 28 347 708 12 25 2.0 N/A N/A
Nov-07 30 1443 2144 48 71 1.5 288% 183%
Dec-07 31 1391 2244 45 72 1.6 -7% 1%
Jan-08 31 2149 3267 69 105 1.5 54% 46%

Managed to ramp up my hits in January finally, by a good 50% or so, after a pale December, which shows a slight decline compared to November.

For the last week of January, it is even more fantastic. It has an average visit of 94 and average hits of 139. That's another 30-40% increase from average January.

Hopefully, by February, total visits would be able to cross 100 and total hits would be able to cross 150. Seems like a growth plan. :)

It is interesting to see many people come and visit my blogs. I know my blog is boring, but hopefully it does come with some information for those who are in need. :)

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RayChung22 said...

Yes. Indeed your motivation for blogging is clearly to pass along information which is evident! Great stuff Chen Chow!