Friday, February 01, 2008

Celcom launched Executive Plan

Celcom has made the postpaid war even more challenging!

Current Plan for Celcom: 250 Minutes Plan - (250 Minutes and 20 SMS) for RM50, and exceed the minutes and SMS is 20 cents and 8 cents respectively.

The new Celcom Executive Plan has a monthly commitment of RM50. Once exceeds that amount, call charges would be provided a discount of up to 30%. I tried to look for info in Celcom website, but I still couldn't find the details.

The new per minute rate is 15 cents and SMS rate is 12 cents. Guess with the new rates, it is more worthwhile to call.

My average usage is around 300 minutes and 300 SMS. Currently, that would mean about:-
RM50 + 50 minutes * 20 cents + 280 SMS * 8 cents = RM82.40 (before tax, itemized billing etc)

If I were to switch, it would mean that I would pay 300 minutes * 15 cents + 300 SMS * 12 cents = RM81.00 (before tax, itemized billing etc).

This is assumed that there is no discount of up to 30% for exceeding RM50.

So, if one's usage of total minutes is about equivalent to total SMS or more, than it would be much more worthwhile to switch to this new Executive Plan.

Seems like Celcom, under the leadership of Datuk Seri Shazzali is taking strong efforts to increase their penetration rate!

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