Friday, February 22, 2008

12th General Election - MCA Parliament Seats

For this upcoming 12th General Election, Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA) under the leadership of YB Dato' Seri Ong Ka Ting would be fielding 40 candidates for Parliamentary Seats. This is 18% of total 222 Parliament seats available in this upcoming election.

Below are the list of MCA Candidates. Hopefully, MCA , with its fantastic track record of servicing the public, would be able to garner more than 31 Parliament Seats this time around.

Of those 31 existing MCA MPs, only 16 would be contesting in Parliament Seats again this time around. This is part of MCA process to provide fresher and newer blood, to ensure that it has a good continuation of new leaders.

Out of those 4 MCA Ministers, 2 would be contesting in Parliament Seats this upcoming election -
1. YB Dato' Seri Ong Ka Ting (P163 - Kulai)
2. YB Dato' Seri Fong Chan Onn (P135 - Alor Gajah) .

Out of 9 MCA Deputy Ministers, 7 would be contesting in Parliament Seats this upcoming election. -
1. YB Dato' Kong Cho Ha (P074 - Lumut)
2. YB Dato' Dr. Ng Yen Yen (P080 - Raub)
3. YB Dato' Fu Ah Kiow (P083 - Kuantan)
4. YB Datuk Liow Tiong Lai (P089 - Bentong)
5. YB Datuk Ong Tee Keat (P100 - Pandan)
6. YB Dato' Donald Lim Siang Chai (P105 - Petaling Jaya Selatan)
7. YB Datuk Tan Chai Ho (P124 - Bandar Tun Razak) .

Out of 4 MCA Parliamentary Secretaries, 2 would be contesting in Parliament Seats this upcoming election. -
1. YB Datin Paduka Chew Mei Fun (P106 - Petaling Jaya Utara)
2. YB Yew Teong Look (P116 - Wangsa Maju)

Lets hope that all these candidates would be able to win their elections convincingly. In any case, if MCA obtains back its allocation of 4 Ministers, 9 Deputy Ministers and 4 Parliamentary Secretaries positions (assume no addition or no reduction), then we would see at least 2 new Ministers, at least 4 new Deputy Ministers (assuming that the new Ministers are from the Deputy Ministers), and perhaps 4 new Parliament Secretaries (assuming that both the Parliament Secretaries get to move up to Deputy Ministers or even Ministers position).

We would be seeing a new Deputy Speaker of Dewan Rakyat as well, as YB Datuk Lim Si Cheng did not seek re-election this time around.

There are a number of ex-state exco or ex-ADUN who would be contesting in Parliament Seats this time around, including several very senior politicians. So, it won't be a surprise if some of them made it to be Ministers/Deputy Ministers/Parliament Secretaries/Deputy Speaker.

There are 3 former MCA State EXCO who would now be contesting in Parliament Seats.
1. YB Dato' Koay Kar Huah (P051 - Bukit Gelugor)
2. YB Dato' Ch'ng Toh Eng (P110 - Klang)
3. YB Datuk Yu Chok Tow (P128 - Seremban)

There are 7 former MCA State Assemblymen who would now be contesting in Parliament Seats.
1. YB Boey Chin Gan (P017 - Padang Serai)
2. YB Dato' Yik Phooi Hong (P065 - Ipoh Barat)
3. YB Datuk Lee Chee Leong (P070 - Kampar)
4. YB Dato' Hoh Hee Lee (P102 - Serdang)
5. YB Datuk Lee Hwa Beng (P104 - Kelana Jaya)
6. YB Dato' Dr. Yeow Chai Thiam (P130 - Rasah)
7. YB Wee Jeck Seng (P165 - Tanjong Piai)

There are 5 existing MCA Parliament Seat holders who would continue contesting in Parliament Seats.
1. YB Dato' Chor Chee Heung (P009 - Alor Setar)
2. YB Wong Nai Chee (P138 - Kota Melaka)
3. YB Dr. Wee Ka Siong (P148 - Air Hitam)
4. YB Ling Ban San @ Teng Boon Soon (P158 - Tebrau)
5. YB Tan Ah Eng (P162 - Gelang Patah)

Above are those 26 existing MCA YBs who would be recontesting in Parliament Seats.

MCA Secretary General Datuk Ong Ka Chuan, who has significant experience in being in Perak State EXCO for several terms earlier would contest in (P077 - Tanjung Malim).

YB Senator Datuk Dr. Lee Chong Meng would give it another try at (P120 - Bukit Bintang).

The other 12 MCA new candidates for Parliament Seats are -
1. Sharon Song Choy Ling (P043 - Bagan)
2. Ong Tang Chuan (P045 - Bukit Mertajam)
3. Ooi Siew Kim (P052 - Bayan Baru)
4. Liew Mun Hon (P064 - Ipoh Timur)
5. Cheah Yoke Can (P066 - Batu Gajah)
6. Ling Hee Leong (P071 - Gopeng)
7. Lee Li Yew (P097 - Selayang)
8. Carol Chew Chee Lin (P122 - Seputeh)
9. Jeffrey Goh Sim Ik (P123 - Cheras)
10. Chua Tee Yong (P142 - Labis)
11. YB Senator Tay Puay Chuan (P145 - Bakri)
12. Dr. Hou Kok Chung (P152 - Kluang)

It looks refreshing of this great list of MCA candidates. I would say that MCA Leadership should be given credits for preparing a very solid list of candidates.

Out of the 40 candidates,
2 of them age 30 or less (5%)
9 of them age 40 or less (22.5%)
16 of them age 45 or less (40%)
18 of them age 50 or less (45%)
31 of them age 55 or less (77.5%)
36 of them age 60 or less (90%)
The oldest among them is Ling Ban San @ Teng Boon Soon, who is 67 years old.

This shows that MCA is really prepared to send in young candidates to stand in the 12th General Election.

Mean Age of the MCA candidates of Parliament Seats are 48.6 years old.

I sincerely urge all readers of my blog to vote during this 12th General Election! And do hope that you would support MCA Candidates, as well as BN Candidates, to ensure that Malaysia would continue to grow steadily towards Vision 2020.

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I am your JSHS schoolmate once, but no longer find the meaning to be back in Malaysia, at least till there's a better change. I want to contribute to this homeland, but I would need more friends who works for a change, not also-runs. said...

I grew up loving Penang, loving Malaysia, loving everything about Malaysia. I have many Indian, Malay, Borneo friends. But time has change, indeed it changed.

Perhaps, i would not want to judge, I am not too sure how well you know Malaysia's current state of affair or its stagnancy in the years of your US studies. But it helps to not be a stereotype or kiasi Chinese in this land.

Time to stand up, and time to change, for a better Malaysia, for all (note the 'all').

50 years, and ask yourself truthfully, ask ourselves, how much have we helped the Indians and Borneo friends? MCA is our heritage, yes, no doubt.

If we really love Malaysia, and Malaysians, then, please speak out on behalf from MCA, shed the lap dog image of being an also-run of UMNO. MCA has given too much face to UMNO. 50 years now, do we want to give another 5 years?

Brighter Chinese have migrated. Brighter Indians have migrated. Brighter Malays have migrated. Brighter Borneons have migrated.
It is a fact.

But i wish there is a brighter Malaysia for all, for our remaining friends and family in Malaysia.

Vote for a change, my dear friend, who proudly returned to Malaysia.


Chen Chow said...

Thanks for your post.

However, I would beg to differ with you on your points.

I have been back in Malaysia for the past 3 years, and I would say that I am aware of what is going on in the country. Even during the years when I was abroad, I do read Malaysia newspapers every single day of the year (perhaps with a few days missing, if I go on long vacation).

I agree with you that our policy should cater for all Malaysians. And I would argue that today's Barisan National's policy does take care of all races in Malaysia.

It is a misconception when we say that MCA and other component parties have to listen completely to UMNO. In every Cabinet Meetings, all Ministers, irrespective of parties, do get to speak up on all issues, and they will get heard. It is a consensus decision.

While I would agree that things are not perfect in our country, we have done very well in many aspects. In terms of treatment of various races in the country, I would say that being in multi-races country, no one can be fully satisfied. Not all the requests by Malays would be fulfilled too. Not just the requests of all races.

It is about the concept of power sharing. We all chip in to make our country a better place.

There are many ways for us to contribute. And I choose to contribute from within the channels available, rather than merely protesting from outside, which is essentially not going to make any change.

I would need more friends who work for a change, not also-runs. said...

many of the Malaysians are bright and intellectual. yet some are mere intellectual, and some are reality-checked.

i would not be rude to state that MCA supporters are foolish or naive, as i have stated before, i once love MCA for its roots.

saying this though, as time changed, we ourselves ought to change as well. like u, i've completed postgrad from a top university, but i do not lose touch with my poorer or somewhat-not-so-academically-bright relatives and friends in Msia.

they too, and our less-fortunate other-races, be given this chance to shine. i'm glad Oppo is doing grassroots work and reality-checked.

true, MCA may have had manifestos and history to link with. but, what we need (not 'want'), is a strong representation of rakyat's voice and needs, not mere outer glamour, familiarity or perceived-stability.

you were right, we should work from within, from within rakyat's hearts, not perceived stability and happiness. we need true and sincere actions. neither BN nor opposition is perfect, but we need to be right with our conscience.

keanwei said...

i agree with the other,not yours,sorry to say.

nothing racist,as i support pas and kpr as well.

mca is not given the chance to rule alongside umno,and sad to say but true,a run-alongside.

i would even dare to suggest getting out from bn and form an alliance with dap,kpr and pas.but my idea was shot down that time.

our chinese future generations certainly appreciate this then letting the blind leading the also-blind.or rather,corrupted leading the also-corrupted.

chenchow,i was a mca party leader,much senior than you in experience and well-informed.
if you would dream being a leader,be a true leader,open your eyes,and heart.

truelymalaysian said...

Chen Chow,

MCA? You got to be kidding.

Either you don't know what's happening around the country or you don't care what will happen to malaysia's current deteriorating state.

You, aware of what's happening in the country? Sure, I'm sure you are aware of the highest judicial corruption case (Lingam's fix up case). I'm sure you are aware of the N.E.P. which does not even benefit the poor to medium income malays let alone the non-malays. I'm sure you are aware the government awards big projects to the relatives, kuncu-kuncus, cronies and the like. Eh, what happen to the RM4billion save from petrol subsidies ah? I thought BN government said they will use it to develop the public transport? Where is it brother? Probably been used to pay up projects awarded to his son eh?

MCA been helping the chinese? wait... what did MCA do to help when a vernacular teacher died after the ceiling collapse? NOTHING! It was the opposition who pressured the government and in the end, after a LONG 9 months, his family got a small sum of compensation. Why!

MCA help the chinese? How much fund was allocated to chinese vernacular schools? Tell me why when we are the same malaysian citizen, we receive less (VERY LESS) help? Perhaps you think the chinese deserve a poor educational environment? It's no doubt we should help the poor malays too, TAKE NOTE poor malays and not the rich kuncus-kuncus, but doesn't the chinese school should get what it should get? Does the government has to slow down the chinese educational development TREMENDOUSLY in order to narrow the gap?

What did the police do to search for Nurin's killer? They said "still under investigation"
What did the police do to search for Chua Soi Lek's whistle blower? They searched house to house for VCDs!

Maybe you are as naive (or probabley pretend nothing has happened) as Chew Mei Fun? She said NEP is over (no more)! Wasn't she sound sill and stupid? Maybe she thought the chinese is stupid.

What did MCA do when the keris was wave and words of insult against the chinese? What did MCA do in regards to Tunku Abdul Rahman College status as a university? Until today, Tunku Abdul Rahman College is still a college when well know universities in UK accept their dimploma as degree. Why? What did MCA do in regards to the accredition of TAR college diplomas? Until today, they are still not recognised by JPA, WHY? Why a diploma holder from TAR has to start from first year if he applied to local universities to study degree? Tell me why did not MCA had any significant progress as far as education for the chinese is concern?

The religious and race threats told by the BN candidates does not matter to me anymore. The advertisements on TV and radio did not affect my decision a single bit. Sorry, I will vote the opposition, be it DAP, PKR or PAS. And I can assure you my family members (15 of us) will vote the opposition this time.


Anonymous said...

ChenChow wrote : I do read Malaysia newspapers every single day of the year

The media in Malaysia is controlled by BN. Look at TV1 /TV2 and the pro-BN TV3. They are in fact wasting expensive and valueable airtime for meaningless propoganda-eg North pole exploration by Datuk and Datin..

During the moment of truth on 8 March 2008, I have read most of the polling result in Malaysiakini but the main stream media were still in a state of denial , relutantly to publish BN's lost seats , excuses were "unoffical , awaiting for confirmation"

However , I do agreed that we need MCA but the current Ong Ka Ting is as weak as Pak Lah. There are totally lack of strong leadership in the cabinet.

Look at the current escalating crime-rate and you would agree with me that Pak Lah is sleeping on the job as Home Minister

Since you are young and having many academic qualifaction , you definetly have your own dream .
I do hope that when you grow old , you become wiser

Just open yourself and let the reality polish you