Friday, February 01, 2008

AirAsia Inaugural Flight to Singapore!!!

Finally, after a long wait of 6 years, Datuk Tony Fernandes finally had his dream come alive.

This morning, he boarded his last flight on Singapore Airlines (SIA). He happily showcased his boarding pass and said that he would be keeping it for souvenir, as tomorrow, 1st February 2008, Air Asia would be flying its inaugural flight to Singapore!!! Hurray!!!

Finally, Air Asia is able to fly to every single ASEAN countries from Malaysia. And Singapore is the last one for Air Asia to touch in. That's just plain interesting.

Anyway, with 2 flights a day, I am sure it would be full. Air Asia can fly 12 flights a day to Macao, yet for Singapore, we are having only 2 flights a day. :)

Lets hope that Air Asia would get more landing rights soon!

Apparently, Datuk Tony Fernandes would be making an announcement for Air Asia tomorrow at 9am at LCCT. I got an invite from Air Asia via facebook, but guess I couldn't make it. :(

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