Saturday, November 01, 2008

Tengku Zafrul resigns as Tune CEO

Tengku Zafrul, has been one of the CEOs that I am very amazed with, similar to the level of our other CEOs like Tony Fernandes, Idris Jala, Mark Chang, Azman Mokhtar etc.

Today, I was shocked to read in BizWeek that he is resigning from being the CEO of Tune .He would still stay on as Director and Shareholder of the company, but as the company is downsizing (and also postponing their launching of unit trust products), he would leave his job as CEO. At this time, Tune Money's CFO and Head of Business Development is also leaving, and the unit trust team as well.

Tenku Zafrul, I wish you all the best. I am sure these two years that you took the risk to leave a highly-paid job to be an entrepreneur would pay off in terms of experience. The learning together with Tony would be worth it already! :)

Tengku Zafrul is the first CEO who blogged . And I still remember reading his blog anxiously leading up to the launch of Tune . Not many CEOs would actually share this live with the general public, including admitting at that time that there is some bugs in some of the stuff to be launched the next day. He addressed customers' complaints head-on too in his blog.

In this blog post, I would also like to highlight 2 interesting speeches that Tengku Zafrul shared in his blog.
1. Towards A Positive Corporate Culture
2. Bull's Eye: Hitting the Right Target Market

All the best, TZ!

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