Saturday, November 22, 2008 reports 30% Increase in Q308 y-o-y Growth in Profit After Tax & Minority Interest, the no.1 online job board in Malaysia, has once again reported a fantastic results for Q3 2008, despite the uncertain economic situation.

For full details of the financial figures, you can refer here .

Revenue for Q308 grew year-on-year by 26.8% from RM21.766 Million to RM27.590 Million.
Profit before tax for Q308 grew year-on-year by 25.2% from RM10.555 Million to RM13.212 Million.
Profit after tax for Q308 grew year-on-year by 27.8% from RM9.436 Million to RM12.063 Million.
Profit after tax and minority interest for Q308 grew year-on-year by 29.7% from RM8.953 Million to RM11.613 Million.

For all the 4 aspects (Revenue, Profit Before Tax, Profit After Tax and Profit After Tax and Minority Interest), it is record high quarter for . To see all the quarterly results, do go to here .

For cumulative of first 3 quarters of 2008, compared year-on-year, the figures are:-
Revenue grew by 33.6% from RM59.930 Million to RM80.096 Million.
Profit before tax grew by 39.4% from RM26.056 Million to RM36.322 Million.
Profit after tax grew by 40.9% from RM23.292 Million to RM32.819 Million.
Profit after tax and minority interest grew by 40.3% from RM22.177 Million to RM31.121 Million.

This has been a fantastic consistent growth for .

2 sen tax-exempt interim dividend is declared for too! You can read it here .

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