Saturday, November 08, 2008

Pay only 1/4 of tuition fees & others for an MIT dual-degree MBA & MS (engineering) program

Thanks to Mark Lee, an alumnus of MIT for sharing this with me.
Each year LFM offers a cadre of the world's best and brightest early-career manufacturing professionals a generous fellowship and the opportunity to earn both an MBA and an SM in engineering at one of the world's most renowned institutes of higher learning. Together they embark each June on LFM's two-year academic and pragmatic journey.
LFM's academic and corporate partners provide generous fellowships for all current students. In exchange, most internships are unpaid. Students are responsible for approximately ¼ of their tuition, their own living expenses, laptop, books, course packets, and other fees. Applicants should contact MIT Student Financial Aid for information concerning additional support at For more details on financial costs, see here:

Students expecting to go into careers in banking, financial services, or consulting should consider programs other than LFM which are more aligned with these career goals.

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