Thursday, November 13, 2008

Bill Clinton Free Public Lecture in KL

Calling everyone who want to have a free luncheon with Bill Clinton in KL. He would be in town on 6th December 2008, and courtesy of Petra Group, it would be offered for free for the public.

To get the place, send an e-mail to with their name, address, contact number and identity card number.

Thanks to Sui Ying who just furnished me with this link from Malaysian Insider .

Apparently, the email is only open at 1pm on 13th Nov 2008. Quoting it
"Those interested will be given the chance to attend by sending an email to with details of their IC or passport number.
The first 2,000 applicants will enter a ballot for tickets.
The application email address will be activated at 1pm tomorrow.
Applications submitted before that time will not be considered.
Up to 500 members of the public will be given seats for the lecture."

This is fully quoted from The Star .

KUALA LUMPUR: Former US president Bill Clinton will make his first trip to Malaysia to deliver the inaugural BC Sekhar memorial lecture on Dec 6.

And the good news is the lecture is open to the public, not just politicians and business leaders.

Petra Group founder Datuk Vinod Sekhar, who had invited Clinton to Malaysia, said any interested member of the public who wants to hear the lecture would be able to do so.

“We want to give everyone the opportunity. Clinton is a visionary leader and an inspiration to millions,” Vinod told reporters at a press conference on Wednesday.

He asked those interested to send an e-mail to with their name, address, contact number and identity card number.

“The venue for the luncheon lecture will be decided depending on the response. Everyone has an equal chance of attending and tickets are free.”

The lecture is being organised by the Sekhar Foundation with the support of the Asian Strategy & Leadership Institute.

Clinton, who will be in Kuala Lumpur immediately after the Clinton Global Initiative meeting in Hong Kong, will also be awarded the BC Sekhar Medal for Transformational Leadership.

Vinod said the new award would be given annually to individuals who have demonstrated a lifetime of commitment to bringing about positive and practical change to the world.

He added that Clinton would be in town for about two days but was unable to say if his wife Senator Hilary Clinton would be coming along.

“She indicated that she was keen but now with the situation in the US after the Democratic win, I think she would be busy taking care of what is happening there.”

Clinton said in a statement that he was honoured to visit Malaysia for the first time and that he looked forward to meeting Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

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