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Goldman Sachs Asia Ex Japan Hiring

While other Investment Banks are in trouble, Goldman Sachs are very aggressive in recruiting.

Below is one of the recruitment messages.
See the attached flier if you are interested in the Asia ex-Japan summer
internship program at Goldman Sachs.

In order for applications to be considered they must be submitted
through our Global Apply Online system at here . The application deadline is Sunday, November 30th.

summer analysts and associates
About Asia ex-Japan

The Goldman Sachs Group is a bank holding company and a
leading global investment banking, securities and investment
management firm. Goldman Sachs provides a wide range of
services worldwide to a substantial and diversified client base that
includes corporations, financial institutions, governments and high
net worth individuals. Founded in 1869, the firm is headquartered in
New York and maintains offices in London, Frankfurt, Tokyo, Hong
Kong and other major financial centers around the world.

Asia provides some of the most exciting and dynamic opportunities
in business, particularly with the dramatic growth of China’s
economy. Goldman Sachs has been setting the standard for
innovation, performance and service in the investment banking,
securities and investment management industry in the region for
over 30 years. With offices in all the major Asian financial centers
and a unique platform in China, Goldman Sachs offers long-term
intellectually stimulating careers to individuals with energy and

Goldman Sachs in Asia ex-Japan has its headquarters in Hong
Kong and six additional offices in Beijing, Mumbai, Singapore,
Taipei, Seoul and Shanghai. Throughout Asia and the rest of the
world, Goldman Sachs is a place where ideas and creativity
flourish and where your efforts can drive real and lasting change.
Join us to acquire new skills, apply them to some of the world’s
most interesting business challenges and learn from experience.
To learn more about Asia opportunities, visit the Asia Career Guide
on our web site.

Process Overview

Application Process (both steps are required):
􀂉 Comply with any application procedures and/or
requirements set forth by your university
􀂉 Complete an online application for Asia opportunities at by Sunday, November 30, 2008

For analyst candidates, the Goldman Sachs recruitment process
reflects the synergies between our different hiring divisions and the
fact that each division seeks many of the same core qualities in
summer candidates globally. As such, your first round interview
will be a Goldman Sachs firmwide interview, rather than a divisional

For associate candidates, the first round interview will be divisionspecific.
You may be selected for first round interviews with up to
two divisions.

In the Asia ex-Japan region, we begin our interview process with a
20-minute preliminary phone interview (firmwide for analysts and
division-specific for associates). Interviews will be conducted by
representatives from one of our Asia offices. The interview will
focus primarily on your overall interest in the region and the
industry, as well as your “fit” with the firm. It is designed to help us
get to know you, and for you to have the opportunity to ask
questions about us. While the interview is more behavioral than
technical in nature you should be prepared to talk about your
interest in the industry and anything on your resume that relates to

Following this round, we will analyze your skills, experiences,
accomplishments and divisional preferences to determine if you
may be a good match for one of our hiring divisions. Selected
candidates will then be invited to participate in a second round
interview. This round of interviews will be division-specific for both
analyst and associate candidates.

During the second round interview, you will meet with additional
representatives from our Asia offices. These interviews will focus
on your suitability for a particular division and will be more technical
in nature. Candidates who are successful in the second round
interview will be invited to participate in final round interviews with
up to two divisions.

While final round interviews will be conducted on a divisional basis,
our interviewers will continue to assess your comfort with the firm’s
culture as well as your interest in Goldman Sachs and the financial
services industry overall.

Both analyst and associate candidates may be selected for an
interview with more than one region: Asia, Japan, Europe or the

For additional information about our summer internship program
please contact us at

summer analysts and associates

Is there a separate application deadline for Goldman Sachs
Yes. While our recruiting process is global in nature and aims to
be seamless for all candidates, each region conducts their
interview process during varying timeframes.

Through our application system you can preference up to two
divisions and two regions. If you are interested in applying to
multiple regions you should apply by the earlier of the regional
application deadlines. Please submit only one application for
our global opportunities. If you are interested in working in Asia
you must select an Asia office as one of your location
preferences when completing your online application.

The Asia recruiting team will be visiting US cities for interviews
in January and February. Interviews will be conducted on the
following timeline:
􀂉 Application Deadline: November 30th
􀂉 Preliminary Phone Interviews: Late Dec/ Early Jan
􀂉 Divisional Interviews: Mid January
􀂉 Divisional Final Round Interviews: Early February

Where will my interviews be conducted?
If you are successful in the phone interview process you will be
scheduled for an in-person divisional interview with a
representative from one of our Asia offices. This will take place
in a Goldman Sachs office in the United States or we will
arrange this interview by phone or video conference.

What kind of people are you seeking to recruit?
We recruit from all academic backgrounds. Many of our
professionals have traditional finance or business degrees but
we also have people with degrees in the sciences, engineering,
technology, the humanities or the arts. Many of our associates
have worked in different industries prior to business school.
What all candidates have in common is an active interest in our
industry and the financial markets.

Will my interviews with Goldman Sachs Asia be with the
divisions I preference on my online application?
Not necessarily. While you may be considered for the divisions
you select, you may also be invited to interview with a division
you had not preferenced. We have found that our recruitment
process benefits many candidates since they are considered for
all divisions they are suited for, rather than just those that they
had initially selected. We highly encourage you to be openminded
to explore various opportunities within the firm. Our
interviewers can often help to match your skill sets with areas of
our business that you might not have been previously aware of.

Which Asia offices and divisions are offering internship
We have internship opportunities available in most of our offices
in the Asia ex-Japan region. This includes Beijing, Hong Kong,
Mumbai, Seoul, Singapore and Taipei.

Internships are offered in the following divisions and
􀂉 Asian Special Situation Group (Securities Division)
􀂉 Corporate Finance
􀂉 Finance
􀂉 Financing Group
􀂉 Global Investment Research
􀂉 Human Capital Management
􀂉 Investment Management (Asset Management & Private
Wealth Management)
􀂉 Legal, Compliance & Management Controls
􀂉 Merchant Banking (Principal Investment Area & Real
Estate Principal Investment Area)
􀂉 Operations
􀂉 Securities (Equities / Fixed Income, Currency &
􀂉 Technology

Is an Asian language required to work in Asia?
While it is not required to speak or write in an Asian language to
work in Asia, such skills may enhance your application. More
importantly, we are looking for candidates who have a
commitment to the region and an understanding of the cultural
differences that make this area of the world a unique place to
live and work.

What is your policy on recruiting graduates who require a
work permit?
All of our hiring decisions are driven by business needs, rather
than whether someone will require immigration permission.
Although we cannot guarantee the outcome of any applications,
we are willing to apply for appropriate work authorization for any
candidates who may require this.

What if I am interested in opportunities in Japan?
Goldman Sachs Japan is participating in 2008 Boston Career
Forum and interviews will be also conducted during the event.
If you wish to have an interview with us, please apply online by
October 5th, 2008. For additional information please contact
Boston Career Forum 2008
Date: October 31, November 1 and 2
Venue: Boston Convention and Exhibition Center (BCEC)

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