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The Sun Hunt - Open Category Questions

Yesterday was our first Treasure Hunt and thanks to Kok Ghee for promoting it, finally I have tasted my first Treasure Hunt as a participant. I had helped with registration in Mensa Hunt before and I had helped to set question for Accenture Charity Hunt 2007.

This maiden hunt was The Sun Motor Hunt 2007, and there were a total of 275 cars, including 20 masters and 13 in the closed category, leaving a total of 242 cars in the open category, which we are in.

In our car, Wee Khang drove, with Jonathan being the navigator and Suresh and I tried to answer the questions. In the other car, Kok Ghee, Chee Kiat, Wee Peng and David form the other team. It was fun!

Going through the clues and questions, and especially tulips and treasures too! We started off from Kota Damansara, where we had an interesting one, where we have to identify which road is which question, by looking at the signboards. That was not too difficult, and this area is quite fun, although we took a little too much time. After that, it was going through some area in Damansara Perdana, before heading towards Sunway for check point and then Puchong and then finally TTDI, before heading back to Sime Darby Convention Center.

This hunt was set by Time Out Solutions as the Clerk-of-course. It was fun, to be frank. While we didn't win anything, be it the prizes for top 145 teams (we missed it. The 145th team got 63 marks, whereas we got 57 only. So, still 6 to go.)

Below are the questions that I reproduce for sharing and learning.

Q1. Jumbo here declares mighty brawn qualities, what & where
--> Real strong at ACI All Cosmos Industries Sdn Bhd.

Q2. First of Garfield's Kittens? A sphere for vogue business too
--> Butik Glitter Venus

Q3. They invite you to get off your feet for a time & enjoy a drink
--> Sit A Spell Cafe

Q4. Set of Changes in Place here
--> Planetsoft (scramble "set of" to be "etsof", and place is synonym with "plant", so put Plan + etsof + t)

Q5. Local money? I'll drink to that and gnaw in return you will get
--> Wang, Your local cafe

Q6. Vessel for Eight needed to conclude attractive structure
--> L&M Hair & Beauty Trading (something like Vessel for Eight would be Ark)

Q7. I can make them a restroom, but they can make you drapes
--> Letto Curtain

Q8. From a starlet today and then blind, such may fall if the answer you don't find.
--> Letto curtain

Q9. * =| mark them
--> Footnotes Dance Studio

Q10. The Lady with the Lamp
--> Florence Nightingale Sdn Bhd

Q11. Could be that which stops, at the mouth of a port perhaps
--> Rock Cafe Air-Con & OUtdoor Food courts. (could be in anagram, at the mouth of a port is "cork" and then anagram get "rock)

Q12. They could be so hairy and perm it too, surely
--> Salun Rambut Yashiro (could be is an anagram, and so hairy made Yashiro)

Q13. It's good without a letter
--> Baagus

Q14. Resists awkwardly but relatively to groom you
--> Sister's Beauty Gallery (resists anagram to sister's, the anagram keyword is awkwardly)

Q15. Butch's kid's Business
--> Sundance Spas

Q16. A number missing in action around here
--> Miva Creative (MIA plus the "V", which denotes 5)

Q17. The pooh's sort of business
--> Teoh Shop (sort is anagram and "the pooh's" anagram to "Teoh Shop")

Q18. Morning! Monring! I hear loudly this is the original version of the gamous frog's tune.
--> Am Am Axxel Marketing

Q19. Soundkit?
--> Sonic Gear

Q20. A couple of young heavy weights have a business here
--> Fat Boys

Q21. They give you a filling based on a local hospital's edict I think
--> Klinik Pergigian U H Law (Local hospital - UH, edict - Law)

Q22. When you go missing, fans of our paper seem to turn up
--> Sun Louvers @ Umen Holdings Sdn Bhd

Q23. Turn a page to improve your looks
--> Agape (turn is anagram and change "a page" to agape)

Q24. All you need to do to find the answer "is to observe inside" and it will appear.
--> Iwatchs (watch is to observe, and add Is in front and back)

Q25. Bays?
--> Vocal Station (double jeopardy, sounds like for the question, vocal also means sounds like)

Q26. The Spot for the hint I hear? Like the 35 on the road this year.
--> Kloopoint

Q27. Local private limited company initially came in for a financial system
--> HC - HP Canopy

Q28. With one right, this food outlet will make you our "run with the best" sponsor
--> Restoran Ten Delicacy (X-IR is the sponsor)

Q29. Love Bug Returns
--> Raco Sdn Bhd (Love is O and bug is car, and anagram)

Q30. Worn on the eye by Jack and Bligh. Here it could be for my GTI
--> Patch Auto Spa

Q31. What a dog & cow have in common?
--> Center Circle

Q32. Sounds like a website for hawkers
--> thepeddlerz.com

Q33. Life is Great people with exclamation to an end
--> Geohan (GE + Oh (exclamation) + an)

Q34. Hello or goodbye it's the same, man eats mixed mean every day
--> Namaste Indian Restaurant (mixed is anagram for "man eats")

Q35. The Sun has a lot of meaningful events initially. Trust you enjoyed this one immediately.
--> Shalome (initial is SHALOME)

And the treasures are:-
T1. Michael Jackson, many of us do enjoy.
Inspired by "it doesn't matter, if you're black or white.
The fairer half should be your a im, girls and boys,
Some vitamin and a baby's staple should bring an unbroken container
--> Vitamilk bottle

--> Calendar for 2009

T3. From one whose symbol is as Beijing's arena,
is a drink that hides the niece's face for sure,
this 300ml can, please bring one to the end,
this deep chill sensation I look forward to my friend
--> Nescafe Ice (hides is an anagram for "niece's face" to make nescafe ice)

T4. This drink I want is familiar to all
A pun the day before, some start to recall
To renew, it maybe peps one up, it's true
to hand in at the end, just one can will do
--> Seven Up - Revive (pun + eve + s, and then anagram; renew -> revive)

Soon, I would put up the Master's one for learning.

Hopefully, next year, we can do better in this Hunt!
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