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Professor Ghauth Jasmon - New Vice Chancellor of Universiti Malaya

Professor Datuk Ghauth Jasmon has just been appointed the new Vice Chancellor of Universiti Malaya! This is definitely a big news for our nation, as he would be charting for the future of the progress of our oldest institution in Malaysia - Universiti Malaya. Being a 52-year-old man, he would have at least 4 years, before his retirement, to serve Universiti Malaya, and hopefully he would be able to do a graet job there.

For his news of appointment, you can read it here at The Star .

While his main credential heard is his tenure as President and CEO of Multimedia University from 1996 to 2007. He was the guy who brought MMU from nothing to an institution with 7 faculties, 1,500 staff and 20,000 students in 2 campuses - Cyberjaya and Melaka.

His full biography can be found here .

A short summary of his biography:-
1956 - born
1979 - 1st Class Honour for Bachelor's Degree from University of London in Electrical Engineering
1982 - PhD in Power System Engineering from University of London
1982 - Lecturer in Department of Electrical Engineering in Universiti Malaya
1986 - Head of Department of Electrical Engineering in Universiti Malaya
1989 - Promoted to Associate Professor
1992 - Promoted to Professor
1992 - Appointed Dean of Faculty of Engineering, Universiti Malaya
1995 - Appointed Deputy Vice Chancellor (Development), Universiti Malaya
1996 - Appointed President of Universiti Telekom
1999 - Appointed President of Multimedia University
2008 - Appointed Vice Chancellor of Universiti Malaya

If you take a look at it, he is definitely a fast riser. Being Head of EE Department by age of 30, Professor by age of 36, Dean of Faculty of Engineering by age of 36, Deputy Vice Chancellor at age of 39, and President of University at age of 40.

So, hopefully with such a person, who has strong experience in Universiti Malaya, as well as running a private university, he could be the guy needed to propel Universiti Malaya into the top 200 ranking, or maybe even top 100 ranking.

Kian Ming blogged about him at Education Malaysia .

Lets hope that he would be able to do his job well and bring Universiti Malaya to greater heights!

Anyone who knows in more details about his publications (but guess most of those are in the more early days) and his performance during his days in UM and MMU.

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