Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Malaysian Mensa & Sunway UC Forum On Intelligence

Malaysian Mensa Society and Sunway University College are organizing the Forum On Intelligence on "Research on Memory And Intelligence", with seminars on several topics:-

a) Does knowing who you are make you intelligent?
b) Indiana Jones and the Secret of Crystalised Intelligence.
c) Should Intelligent People Lead Our Society?
d) Does today's education really care about what we know and can do.

It would be held on 22nd November, Saturday, 9am to 2:30pm at Auditorium 2, Sunway University College.

It would be RM30 for Mensa members and Sunway UC Staff/students. For general public, it would be RM50.

It would include a sumptuous lunch, a tea break and also notes.

There would be a Malaysian Mensa Admission Test there too at 1pm.

This event is brought to you by Malaysian Mensa Society and Sunway University College.

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