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Youth Social Enterprise Initiative

Thanks to Melissa for this Youth Social Enterprise Initiative link. I think this is definitely something worth highlighting. Do check it out!

A social entrepreneur is someone who recognizes a social problem and uses entrepreneurial principles to organize, create, and manage a venture that creates social change. Social entrepreneurs are innovative, resourceful, and results oriented individuals who utilize the best of the business, nonprofit and technology worlds to develop innovative solutions that maximize their social impact.

Youth Social Enterprise Initiative (YSEI) believes in providing support to any young person from any developing region with innovative ideas, commitment and vision for social change to emerge as a social entrepreneur and create lasting impact.

YSEI was founded in 2005 as a Global Knowledge Partnership (GKP) multi-stakeholder partnership program between its members - TRN, Mitra & OrphanIT. The cofounders and management of YSEI include Sunit Shrestha (Executive Director, TRN), Rahul Nainwal , (Director, Mitra), Simon Healy (Director, OrphanIT) and Sailendra Dev Appanah (TRN Partner).

Program Core Principles

- Build and maintain multi-stakeholder partnerships with academia, civil society, government and the private sector are critical to building strong support networks for young social entrepreneurs
- Reaching out to work with disadvantaged youth, and marginalized and underrepresented groups in society
- Promotion of gender equality and human rights by ending discrimination

Team @ YSEI Secretariat
Program Lead - Sunit Shrestha
Program Coordinator - S. Dev Appanah
Program Assistant - Bruno Bernardes

Board of Advisors
Walter Fust - Director-General, Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC)
Rinalia Abdul Rahim - Executive Director, Global Knowledge Partnership
Michael Chertok - Program Officer, Gates Foundation
Hilmy Ahamed - Managing Director, Young Asia Television

Youth Social Enterprise Initiative (YSEI) is a high-engagement social venture program for emerging young social entrepreneurs in developing countries.

Through the Emergence Fellowship , YSEI aims to invest in young visionaries who have big ideas and who need crucial startup support to turn their ideas into action. The start-up support includes:
- Startup financing up to USD15,000
- Essential development knowledge & tools on social entrepreneurship
- Technical consulting through mentorship
- Access to diverse networks

YSEI aims to invest in young visionaries who have big ideas and who need crucial startup support to turn their ideas into action. On a practical level, some of the qualities of the ventures we invest in are:

- Social ventures with blended values (value creation that consists of economic, social and/or environmental value components)
- Information & communication technologies (ICTs) are recognized as an integral part of the venture/solution-provided
- Ventures are led by youth from developing countries aged between 20 to 35 years with a minimum of 6 months implementation
- Ventures that are specifically targeted to poverty reduction, improving disadvantaged/marginalized groups, environmental protection, gender equality & human rights

If this sounds like your venture, please proceed to the fellowship section to apply. Before applying, you may want to read the resources below:
- Innovative problem solving ppt
- Social Enterprise Planning: The guide ppt please go to http://www.ysei.org/?q=node/17

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