Friday, September 19, 2008

China Synergy Programme Reunion (CSP Reunion)

Time flies. It has been 50 months, since I left Hong Kong for China Synergy Programme 5 (CSP5). It is definitely memorable, thinking back of the 18 days I spent in Hong Kong/China during CSP. It is a livelong memory. The time spent together is something that is really unforgetable.

The friendship we have made. The traveling together, the laughter/cheer etc. Going through all the visits.

We only meet in HK and China due to us participating in CSP, and it is unique that all of us are there together, singing, taking the same plane/bus/train/boat.

It is one of the best parts of our life, if not the best.

And while we might have chance to meet a few people here and there around the world, nothing beats meeting with large number of us in CSP10 Reunion. This is definitely a great milestone, for us, since we have separated from each other for 5 years.

To all, do remember to vote that you want to go and make a commitment to go. It would be a great event.

Lets keep in touch!
Dear CSP alumni,

"Can we just ponder, how lucky we are, to have this day, to sing together……"

It has been some time since we last met! I hope all is well. Can you still recall the lyrics from the CSP song? Do you still remember the time you spent with your fellow delegates on the CSP journey in China to learn more about China and Chinese culture? It may have been a while since you last visited China, but I can assure you it has undergone enormous changes again in the past years. With 30 years of open door policy and new innovations, ideas and changes brought by the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, China continues to reach new levels of advancement and prosperity. The year of 2009 will be a remarkable year as it marks a new era in China.

Not only is it the beginning of a new era in China, it is also the 10th anniversary of the China Synergy Programme For Outstanding Youths. The CSP planning committee therefore hopes to make the year of 2009 more remarkable for you.

Due to requests from numerous CSP alumni, we are currently considering the possibility for a CSP10 Grand Reunion. Contents may include a pre-reunion trip in China followed by a series of activities in Beijing, including forums, seminars and visits, and of course a reunion party.

It would indeed be my delight to meet you all again but the reunion is feasible only if we have encouraging feedback and support from our alumni around the world. Therefore we would like to invite you all to give us a hand by completing the online survey.


For any enquiry or suggestion, please feel free to write to

Yours sincerely,

Ms. Leung Kwok Ching

The Founder and Chairman of Planning Committee,

China Synergy Programme for Outstanding Youth Planning Committee

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Ee Vonn said...

Hey Chen Chow,
I am really interested in participating in this China Synergy Program after i commence my studies in Australia next year.
Do you enjoy it?
Is it a great program?
Is it very tough to get into this program?

Chen Chow said...

Hi Ee Vonn,

Yes. I definitely enjoyed it thoroughly. Definitely a great program to really know China in depth, as well as know a lot of great friends worldwide.

I would say that you would need to put in effort to apply, but it is possible to get into China Synergy Programme. You can check my blog for other articles on it too, as I believe I blogged about it earlier. Just click on the label.

Ee Vonn said...

Hey Chen Chow,
thank you so much for your reply :)
you are great!

best wishes,

Ee Vonn.

Chen Chow said...

Ee Vonn, it is my pleasure to share this info!

Ee Vonn said...

Hi Chen Chow,
it's me Ee Vonn.
how are you?
i would like to ask you something which is can students who have been to china before qualified for CSP?

hope to hear from you soon :)

Chen Chow said...

Yes, you can still qualify for it. In fact, even if you have stayed for some time in China, you can still get in.

Good Luck!

Ee Vonn said...

Hey Chen Chow, Thanks a lot :)