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Tips on US Applications by Dr. Ewe Hong Tat

This is an article by Dr. Ewe Hong Tat published in Sin Chew on 30th August. It is about some of the interesting things that the students have done during their US Applications. Dr. Ewe Hong Tat has been MIT Educational Counselor for a number of years.

I would try to highlight a few key points that he talked about.

1. Besides excelling in academic, most students are very active in extra curricular activiites. Some are very focused within 1 field, whereas some are in multi fields.

2. For US Applications, students not only need to have academic results, recommendation letters, but also application essays and even interview for the top universities. MIT does not look for students who are getting full score academically, but a bunch of studnets who have great ambition with full passion and prepared to excel in student groups.

3. Some of the interesting things found during Interview. A student brought a CD of the song that she self-composed and played during Rainforest Musical Festival. And even after she went to MIT, she came back during summer holidays to participate in it.

4. There was a student, who liked to collect stamps, but from poorer family background. She wrote letters to Embassies from various countries and ask them for stamps. Through some efforts and determination, she managed to get a number of stamps.

5. There are many creative students who brought their calligraphy, drawings, computer games/software/website that they created. One student even brought a novel which is hundreds of pages long that he wrote and he claimed that he would want to write it in multiple series, just like Lord of the Rings. Another student who likes to play rubber band toy gun, and in the process of several years made a fantastic auto-loading rubber band gun, and that brought the student to MIT.

多采的天空 尤芳达


申请美国大学的入学,除了基本的学生成绩表,老师的推荐信等外,学生们一般都需要写一两篇关于自己人生理想和奋斗的文章.一些竞争性激烈的大学还鼓励学生们参与面谈.就举麻省理工来说,他们所找寻的学生不是一批只是学业成绩满分的学生, 而是一批拥有理想,抱着热诚,有充分准备的优秀学生团队,各有所长,各有所学.




当然,这么多年来,也有不少的学生带来了他们创意的作品,如喜爱的书法作品,充满激情的水彩画,自己创作的电脑游戏,软件与网站等。去年,还有一位拿了他厚厚数百页的英文科幻小说作品来,并说会继续如Lord of the Rings这个系列般写几本续集。更令人惊讶的是一位热爱用橡胶圈制造玩具手枪的男生,她用了几年的课余时间,一步一步的设计与制造,从简入繁,一直到最新的全自动多发瞄准玩具手枪,而这些子弹(全是橡胶圈)也帮他带进了麻省理工。

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