Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Our Deputy Prime Minister, YB Datuk Seri Najib bin Tun Abdul Razak, has launched this website of to reach out to all Malaysians.

It is interesting and hearthening to see our Deputy Prime Minister shares his view in English, and also more importantly a common message to all Malaysians of all races. This is definitely a crucial step forward for us, as Malaysians, where we should all unite and leverage on our strength as a multi-racial nation, to grow and compete with the global competition.

We shouldn't be squabbling among ourselves, and not be swayed by various extremists' statements. As a Malaysian, we should engage one another, and also learn from one another, understand one another, and hopefully, we would have a better future.

While this step by YB Datuk Seri Najib may still only be scratching the surface, it is hearthening to hear from our leader, of the futuristic perspective they have, and also more importantly, speaking of a common language to all Malaysians.

It is my hope that all of you would visit and listen to YB Datuk Seri Najib's address. It is great that he spoke with passion and empathy, without reading through a guided speech.

One complaint though that I have about this site is that the video file is quite large and it took a long time to load. Hopefully they would have the full transcript of it for us to read, instead of view (especially those of us with a slower bandwidth.

Below are some of the key messages that I have picked up from it.

- This is a free, open dialogue for us all Malaysians as One Malaysia, and for us to explore our many diverse perspectives of our nation.

- Diversity of our community is our strength and his role as the elected is to reflect on the aspirations of those voting public.

- As we know, Malaysia is a coalition of multi races, and unity of all community is the most vital ingredient that we need to thrive as one Malaysia, for the United Nations of Malaysia.

- Since independence, we have been represented by leaders of individual of single-raced party, who come togheter to rule under BN formula. YB Datuk Seri Najib still believes that it is the right formula and we should strengthen the trust of all Malaysians.

- We should also tap into the 1st Principle of Rukun Negara - Believe in God, where we would live the spirit of tolerance and empathy. We should teach our children to respect other races, starting from home to other places like school, religious places, community halls etc. We should remain true to our founding principle.

- He acceded that the government did not live up to the commitment made, as reflected in the last election, but he is giving his full commitment to llive to change, and this is a time of renewal. Malaysians are getting more engaged than before.

- We should be mindful of our delivate balance, and nurture unity and respect.

- Government has helped to strengthen the Malays over the years and this enlarged pie has benefitted everyone. And now is the time for government policy to help all disadvantaged citizen, where all community would be helped and provide everyone with a prosperous and secure nation to face the real challenges.

- He talked about we need to revive the confidence in police force, judiciary, local authority and institutionalize transparency and eradicate corruption.

- Diversity is our source of economic advantage. We should prepare our children to compete globally and all Malaysian children to have a chance to have much better quality of life.

- All these would require the effort by all of us - Malaysians. It is the inclusive of all Malaysians, to join in discussion, and he would hope to get input and response from the insight of the onlien community and he hope to gain that perspective. This is a vital dialogue to define Malaysia's identity and purpose.

- We should include all our extended family in our discourse and work together to define our Malaysia and our role to play in the future.

- All Malaysians share a desire for a better tomorrow, and we hope to strengthen our friendship/understanding among all communities in Malaysia.

- It is our hope that Each of us as a unique Malaysian would come together as One Malaysia.

My personal thought after hearing YB Datuk Seri Najib speaking is that he has definitely brought renewed hope for a better Malaysia. I definitely wish that all Malaysian leaders would be having this positive thoughts of leveraging on our genuine understanding of all Malaysians for a one united Malaysia.

Lets play our role, irrespective of which political divide we are, to make Malaysia a better place, in whichever aspect that we care and we can play a role to strengthen.

This is our nation. If we do not work together to strengthen it, no one will. Lets join hand together to develop our Malaysia.

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