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Personal Viability Seminar by MACRI

Malaysian Association of Creativity & Innovation (MACRI) is organizing a half-day talk on "Personal Viability Seminar" at the Auditorium Ibnu Sina, Level 3, National Science Center on 11th October 9am to Noon.

The speaker is Samuel Tam, from Papua New Guinea. He is a successful businessmen who has trained more than 20,000 people in the Asia Pacific and Oceania regions.

It is RM40 per person, unless you are member of MACRI, NEF or MENSA, where you have to pay RM20. I would be attending this talk as well.

To attend, please RSVP with Ramesh, Secretary of MACRI at 03-6201 1928 / 017-882 8302, or fax to 03-6201 9928, or email providing your name, company name and telephone no.
It is a practical program that takes you through a process to discover your true self and achieve what you really want in life. It will show you what you can do to achieve a life of joy and lasting abundance, free from feelings of mediocrity and insecurity.

What is Personal Viability (PV)?

Perpetual Self-discovery & Personal Power
PV is perpetual self-discovery, perpetual re-shaping to realize one's best self, to be the person one could be. PV is about self-education, to develop from within, to educe, to draw out, and to grow through use. It is about solving one's problems, to survive and succeed. PV is finding yourself, owning yourself and being yourself.

Personal Viability starts at home. One of the best gifts you can give your family is to make them viable: the development of their mind, to make use of all their talents, to be their very best, to succeed and prosper and to be self-reliant.

Turning Round Business Failures
Research indicates that 50% of new businesses do not make it past year one and only 10% make it past year four. We believe the main reason is not lack of finance, lack of skills or lack of effort but a lack of Personal Viability.

Creating an Entrepreneur Class
PV is a prerequisite to Entrepreneur Development. It is a practical philosophy, something one does. Using this thought, you can change conditions. It consists of specific axioms that define the underlying causes and principles of self-reliance and a vast area of observations in entrepreneurship; a philosophic body that literally applies to the entirety of one's life.

Who Should Attend

Business Leaders, Strategic Thinkers and Planners, Change Managers, Senior Managers in Innovation and Enterprise, Community Builders, Entrepreneurs and anyone seeking to be the best they can be.

Speaker/Trainer Profile

Samuel Tam is a businessman with a difference. He believes that the secret to successful business is to understand that all businesses are about people. At age 26, Sam created the Stretpasin Stoa Scheme (Street Person Store) to assist Papua New Guineans own and operate retail stores. The scheme achieved a remarkable 80% success rate. He was later awarded an MBE by Queen Elizabeth II for his contribution to entrepreneurship among the poor. He was only 33 years old.

He began his business career with $300 and became a millionaire at age 30 majoring in wholesale warehousing and supermarkets. Recognising his ability as an entrepreneur as well as his creativity in developing business schemes to help the poor become self-reliant, he was appointed as director of the National Development Bank of PNG.

1996 was a turning point for Sam. In assisting people who had business problems, he discovered a far greater need for human development than entrepreneur development. This led to the beginnings of the EDTC Personal Viability Program, a foundational prerequisite for entrepreneurship. In year 2008, he was conferred an Officer of the Order of Logohu by Governor General Sir Paulius Matane in Papua New Guinea for services to the community and the development of grass root small businesses. The Government of Solomon Islands also has approved Samuel Tam as the Chief Adviser to the Bottom-Up Approach Policy with the Personal Viability method as a tool for implementation.

PV Testimonials

"PV has benefited me tremendously, and almost overnight, it has changed the way I think and do things…now I understand my real purpose in life and to be able to think and plan for success."
~ Henrynus Amin, Senior Special Officer to the Minister,
   Ministry of Science, Technology & Innovation, Malaysia

"The Personal Viability course as I understand have been very successful in making youths, women, prisoners and small entrepreneurs realise their self worth and capacity to really make a difference in their own lives and for the community as a whole. These courses are important for people, public servants, politicians and the private sector to become partners in development. It helps us to set aside the notion that we are mere spectators in the administration of services in our communities".
~ Sir Michael Somare, Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea

"Today I have seen with my own eyes that the best and brightest minds of the world have to offer, what the millions and billions of dollars and huge machineries cannot do – the PV course has been able to achieve. It is the very expression of the economics of philanthropy, the "hands and feet" that will go anywhere to shine upon the poor and needy the light of love, love mad tangible."
~ Ivy Ho, Director, Natural Resource Ventures Pte Ltd, Singapore 

Program & Registration

08.30am – Registration Starts
09.00am – Welcome Address by Founder/President of MACRI
09.05am – Speech by Special Officer from MOSTI
09.15am – Presentation by Mr Samuel Tam (First Half)
10.30am – Tea Break
10.45am – Presentation by Mr Samuel Tam (Second Half)
12.00pm – Close

Entrance Fee is RM20 for members of MACRI, NEF and MENSA, and RM40 for members of the public. To register please contact Ramesh Pillai at 03-6201 1928 / 017-882 8302, or fax to 03-6201 9928, or email providing your name, company name and telephone no.

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