Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Documentary on Cornell

Thanks to Susan Chang from Cornell Club of Singapore, I managed to get a chance to watch a 1-hour documentary on my alma mater -- Cornell - Birth of the American University. It was an interesting documentary, where President Lehman and also some current/ex university archivist were featured in it.

It showcased how Cornell started, from Ezra Cornell and Andrew Dickson White. It was very powerful story of seeing how Ezra Cornell worked hard for many years and used his fortune to donate to build Cornell University, and it tapped on the top brain of AD White and AD White became the 1st Cornell President. He helped to recruit a bunch of top notch faculty and that started Cornell in 1868. This year, it is 140 years already.

It really showed how they were passionate to educate the future generation, and wanted to leave a legacy. Ezra Cornell didn't even have proper education. he was educated up to 3rd grade only, but he realized the importance of education and he has been using lifelong learning himself and have always been very observant.

Watching it definitely brought back a lot of memory for me. While the flow of the story is very slow (especially at the start), I would say that it is nostalgic. Looking at how Cornell was in the early days and then look at some of the recent photos. That brought back 4 years of my memorable there in Cornell!

If any of the aspiring Cornellians or even current Cornellians or Cornell alumni want to watch this, just let me know!

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