Thursday, September 25, 2008

Maxis Scholarship for Excellence Undergraduate Programme

Thanks to my loyal blog reader for sharing. This is a great scholarships for Maxis users.

This is quoted from NST

Mobile phone service provider, Maxis Communications Bhd today launched the Maxis Scholarship for Excellence Undergraduate programme exclusively for its postpaid subscribers.

Its chief executive officer, Sandip Das, said the scholarship is open to Malaysians who have been Maxis postpaid customers continuously for a minimum of 12 months and to the children of these customers.

He said Maxis will offer a total of 40 scholarships per year under the programme.

The scholarship is merit-based and covers undegraduate studies at institutes of higher learning in Malaysia and abroad, he said at the launch of the programme here today.

Under the programme, the successful applicants will be offered the scholarships based on the location of their university of choice.

For those who are applying for scholarships to pursue undergraduate degrees at Malaysian institutes of higher learning, the amount awarded per person will be RM10,000 per year while for studies in non-Malaysian universities, the award will be up to RM150,000 per year.

Das said the Maxis Scholarship for Excellence Undergraduate programme is an extension of the prestigious Maxis Scholarship for Excellence Postgraduates programme, which was launched in 2005 to support high-achieving Malaysian graduates wishing to pursue their postgraduate studies and research at top universities abroad.

He said the programme has awarded full-ride scholarships to 12 bright young Malaysians including four recipients for this year’s intake.

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C Guevara said...

ah.. thanks alot for sharing that with me. At first I used this blog to keep myself connected to my form six classmates, but now thinking of making it more public, so adding more ex students would be nice.

Good idea for the Year-behind-name thingy, coz i have been trying out ways to make those links easier to be identified.

by the way, it is actually hwong seng's blog, and it was once open to public. I dont know why he secured it with passwords, but i can tell you the last time i visited it, many students of his were making personal attacks on his staffs(teachers).

haha.... MCA youth cheif eh? lol

Hope they're going to revolutionise their party... and make some names for jitsin graduates . Haha..

Chen Chow said...

Thanks for dropping by! keep up your good work!