Tuesday, September 30, 2008

2 Books on Managers

After work just now, I went to Borders Times Square and spent about 2 hours there reading. It is always great to be spending time reading and reflecting on my mind.

Today, my pick of reading was Dream Manager by Matthew Kelly. It was a great read, of how a guy named Simon influenced his superior, Greg and they have various initiatives to stem the turnover rate of their janitor business. At one point, the turnover rate was 400%, and they managed to reduce to 12%.

They utilized various means to fulfill what the workers needs are. Sometimes, it is not about salary. Initially, they chartered vans and buses to bring them to work, because of their workplace was very hard to go, and hence truancy was very high. Even sick leave was high.

After that, they realized that these people do not manage to live their dream. Essentially, they are just living day by day on their life. So, they started this concept of having "Dream Manager", where their job is to help the employees to fulfill their dream. They work together with the employees, and it was interesting to see how the employees react to that and improved their productivity, as well as many aspects of their life.

It is a good read. So, try to get hold of it!

Another book that I read just now was The New Manager's Handbook - 24 Lessons for Mastering Your New Role .

It is a refreshing read and allows me to reflect on my past 5 months in JobStreet.com and see what I should change and improve on myself. Particularly in terms of communication, how I think, how I do my work etc. How can I get more things done, get more trust/support from others, how I learn from others etc.

And when I read those tips, I actually reflect on what those leaders/supervisors in JobStreet.com do, and I would say that many of the things they do really embody what are the advised things to do. Am fortunate to have a good place to learn, and grow myself professionally and personally.

It is a long journey, but I am keeping fingers' crossed that it would continue to be great learning ground for me, and hopefully, I am able to contribute my bits to the firm too!

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