Friday, September 19, 2008 - Forbes Asia "Best Under 1 Billion" List

There are 24,155 public listed companies in Asia Pacific region, which has sales of below USD1 Billion.

Of these 24,155 companies, a total of 200 companies were selected by Forbes, as under Forbes Asia 4th Annual "Best Under 1 Billion" list.

Malaysia ranked number 7, in terms of ranking based on number of companies qualified under the list. China is first with 88 companies, followed by Japan 23 companies, India 22 companies and Singapore 14 companies. Malaysia has 13 companies falling under the list.

One of the Malaysian companies, who made it last year, as well as this year is ----- .

It is amazing to see my company being selected among these top 1% of companies. That is definitely testament to's ability to continue perform and grow.

For full article, do go to NST .


Thirteen Malaysian companies made the Forbes Asias fourth annual ’Best Under A Billion’ list, according to Forbes, the US-based publisher of the leading Asian business magazine.

The companies are CB Industrial Product, Coastal Contracts, Efficient E-Solutions, ETI Tech, Grand-Flo Solution, Hai-O Enterprise, I-Power, JobStreet, Notion Vtec, Pintaras Jaya, Plant Offshore, Sarawak Oil Palms and Success Transformer.

Malaysia was also ranked seventh in terms of the number of companies represented on this years list, Forbes said in a statement today.

The list features the best 200 companies from among 24,155 listed firms in the Asia-Pacific region.

Forbes said those with less than US$1 billion in sales were vetted for consistent growth of both sales and profits over three years.

The Malaysian companies on the Forbes list dealt in a wide range of products and services, from rechargeable batteries, industrial tools, marine vessels, online recruitment, information technology solutions and multi-level marketing to palm oil and construction services for the oil and gas industry.

The net income of the companies ranged between US$2 million and US$33 million with a market value of between US$15 million and US$341 million.

They also recorded sales of between US$17 million and US$132 million, Forbes said.

Forbes explained that more than a quarter of last years companies made the list again with consumer technology, commercial real estate, clean energy producers and business services sectors leading the way.

All the companies on this years list increased sales and profits despite major indexes in Hong Kong, Japan, Korea and Australia falling by more than 20 percent over the past year.

The greater China region outperformed the rest of the Asia Pacific with the most number of firms, with 88 on the list, followed by Japan (23), India (22) and Singapore (14).

The full list will appear in the Sept 29 issue of Forbes Asia magazine. It will be available in newsstands this week.

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Anonymous said...

why is just about JobStreet, write more on you, I am keen and interested in your life instead of Jobstreet which can be found on net

Junior Saw said...
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Anonymous said...

read liao mengantuk nia. can't even finish the whole "story of jobstreet"

Anonymous said...

what kind of blog? So boring. The other guy's blog is nicer. So romantic

Chen Chow said...

Thanks for your feedback.

I would say that what I am doing may not be similar to traditionally how everyone blogs, but what I post up (while it is mostly news/articles/announcements), it is on issues that I care.

Anonymous said...

yeah. u r right. u may just blog watever u like since its ur blog. keep it on.. good work heheh..

just tat we are too traditional liao. but we comment cos we also care.. hahaha.

all the best

Chen Chow said...

Thanks for your feedback. Appreciate it. Would try to write on stuff about myself a little more.

My life is not as interesting. Hence, nothing fancy to write. :)