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Datuk Azman Ujang joins Malaysia Think Tank's Advisory Board

Got this news from Wan Saiful. Congrats!

Malaysia Think Tank
Press Release
12 September 2008

Datuk Azman Ujang joins Malaysia Think Tank's Advisory Board

The Malaysia Think Tank ( today announces the appointment of Datuk Azman Ujang into its Advisory Board, further enhancing MTT's expertise in, and commitment to, a stronger press in Malaysia.

Datuk Azman Ujang is Chairman of the Malaysian Press Institute and former General Manager of Bernama. Following his retirement from Bernama, he was made Editorial Adviser of Bernama and Bernama TV. He recently joined the Board of Berjaya Media Berhad, which among others owns The Sun newspaper.

Commenting on his appointment, Datuk Azman Ujang says:
"I look forward to sharing my experience and knowledge regarding the Malaysian media with the Malaysia Think Tank. Media practitioners like me welcome the Malaysia Think Tank's efforts to work towards improving media conditions in Malaysia. The media being always at the forefront of a nation's development should evolve with times and situations and need to be dynamic as well."

Wan Saiful Wan Jan, Director General of the Malaysia Think Tank says:
"I am proud to have Datuk Azman on our Advisory Board. I really admire his commitment to strengthen the press in Malaysia. In April this year, Datuk Azman made a very bold statement, calling for newspapers to be regulated by market forces rather than government licensing. The Malaysia Think Tank supports his call wholeheartedly, and we hope with Datuk Azman joining us, we can work together to make his vision a reality. His experience and expertise will definitely strengthen our team."

The Malaysia Think Tank's mission is to encourage the adoption of the principles of free individuals, free markets, limited government, and the rule of law in Malaysia. The MTT is a non-partisan and not-for-profit organisation based in Kuala Lumpur, with a branch in London.


Notes to Editors 1. For interview please contact Wan Saiful Wan Jan via email or telephone +44 (0)7920 132233 (UK number)
2. About Datuk Azman Ujang - From the lowest to the top - this sums up the long journalistic career of Azman Ujang, the former General Manager of
Bernama, Malaysia's national news agency. Armed with a fixed mind and steely determination to be 'just a good reporter', he was one of two cadet reporters recruited by the Bernama bureau in his home town of Kuching in August 1971. Azman gradually rose through the ranks in Bernama. Among Bernama journalists, he was the most familiar face covering foreign visits of the former Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad. These assignments, though physically taxing, were for Azman journalistically fulfilling. The trips also made him a world traveller in the process.

Journalism's most coveted position, Editor-in-Chief, came Azman's way in 2004. Azman chose to remain with Bernama despite being offered other posts, including Press Secretary to three Cabinet ministers, one of them being the then Finance Minister Tun Daim Zainuddin. Azman was appointed General Manager of Bernama, the agency's chief executive officer, in March 2007. Following his retirement in June 2008, he was made Editorial Adviser of Bernama and Bernama TV. He also joined the Board of Berjaya Media Berhad, which among other things owns The Sun newspaper. Datuk Azman is also Chairman of the Malaysian Press Institute.

3. About the Malaysia Think Tank - The Malaysia Think Tank (MTT) is driven by the principles of f
ree individuals, free markets, limited government, and the rule of law. Since its inception in October 2006 the MTT has contributed to policy debate, issuing pamphlets on democracy, free trade, education and press freedom. The MTT has hosted events with the Institute for South East Asian Studies (Singapore), Centre for Public Policy Studies, Malaysian Press Institute, the Muslim Professionals Forum and others.

MTT runs three main projects:
i. The Project to Advance Democratic Institutions (PADI)
ii. The Libertarian Education Project (LEAP)

Further information about the Malaysia Think Tank can be found on

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