Tuesday, September 09, 2008

A free medical school education in a brand-new US medical school

Thanks to Mark Lee for this article.
Applications Pour In for First Class at Free Medical School

Posted by Jacob Goldstein

Deborah German hopes to have 100 applicants for every spot in the first-ever class at the University of Central Flordia's medical school — and she's already most of the way there.

German, the dean of UCF's nascent med school, is offering an astonishingly potent lure in an era of crushing student debt: Four-year scholarships for tuition, fees and living expenses for every member of the first-year class.

As of this morning, the school had received 2,996 applications for its charter class of 40, which will enter next year. That's a ratio that would be the envy of the deans at the nation's top medical schools. The application period started a few months ago, and it runs through December.

"I think it's very important for a brand new school to have excellent students in the first class because they will help us," German told the Health Blog in a phone conversation this afternoon. "They will criticize what we have put together and help us mold this school."

The med school is a public institution, but the $7 million needed to fund the charter class came from individuals and private philanthropies. There was no single donor who did most of the work; the two largest gifts were each a bit over $300,000, German said.


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