Saturday, December 06, 2008

Vote for Yan Min!

Yan Min, a very good friend of mine, has been shortlisted as one of the 10 young Malaysians who have great potential. It is a competition called "It Starts in Me".

You can read more of it here .

Each of the 10 candidates created a video shoot and it was highlighting their dream and how they would spend the RM15,000 if they win.

The 10 candidates are:-
Lee Yan Min
Chang Kha Mun
Cindy Teh
Raja Zurina
Yap Wen Peng


Yan Min's storyline is very good. Essentially, she showed of most people having very huge dream, but hers is simple. She wants to write a book, where it would be on wacky story that she had in conversation with her friend. And she hoped to go around the country to inspire students!

Do vote for her! There is a catch there though, where you have to buy a product to vote!

But anyhow, do check it out here ! :)

Do click on "Vote and Win!"

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