Thursday, December 25, 2008

Name Cards for Rakyat Malaysia

Markus Ng , a fellow Malaysian, who is really passionate about bringing Malaysia towards greater heights, especially in terms of unity across races.

He has designed name cards for Rakyat Malaysia. You can see the sample on the link above. Do check it out! :)

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Would encourage any of my blog readers to share with me any event that you come across. As long as the event/activity/initiative is education/charity/youth oriented and is not-for-profit, I would be more than happy to post it to share!

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David Lee said...





Since the establishment of MCA 50 more years ago (correct me if i am mistaken), MCA is the biggest political party of chinese community in Malaysia. Generally she represents the voice of chinese community. However I must say that in recent years, the performance of MCA had sadden me or maybe most of the chinese. In my/our sight, MCA is too "chicken"; always the MR. Yes to Ummo until Ummo views MCA as a follower rather than partner. Many issues had broken our hearts. Honestly it is not the fault of you (Mr. Ong Ka Ting) but the leaders in previous. You know why in the latest national election MCA get such a big hit? It is because the young generation has emerged and got the rights to vote. Why young chinese generation dislike MCA? Since being a child, we had to attend school only half subsidary from government; if school wanna set up a new building or doing renovation, it is always short of money; as a result, we need to help raising the money. The furnitures and buildings condition never in the good form. At the same time, our Malay school got everything. Why there is a difference as we are Malaysian too?The education we get will finally benefit our country. But why there is such a discrimination?Then we go to University afetr form 5 (educational system now). We strive very hard to get good result hoping that it will pave the way for us into the local uni. Well, at the end, we find it that it is just a "joke"; good result wont promise you a seat at uni. Why? Because we are chinese. I was lucky as i managed to get into local uni after form 5 but many of my frens failed to make it even though their results are good too (if it is not brillant, at least it is far more better than many Malays'). In uni, I have found that the attitude of Malay students is a "calamity". Why we let such lazy worms to be there while left the students who are more passionate towards studies?And another irritation is the speak from the extreme Ummo politicus who treat chinese as a "rakyat tumpangan". Too many things happened that make us think our country is a country of Malay. The thing that make us angry the most is you - MCA; Why the situation never change since 20 years ago until now? What have you done whithin these 20 years? Same problems we faced 20 years ago kept repeating until now. How can we pass our confidence to you and let you torture our future?Please give us an answer or start from now we will not longer support you as we got the votes in our hands. We are growing up now and we need to let the things changed. If you do not wan to change, let us change the reprensentative.