Friday, December 26, 2008

Polarisation to be Elaminated

Read the news article on the speech by Pak Lah today. It is very encouraging and hopefully, we Malaysians can heed the advice and try our best to move forward, to be more united.

What I feel on this is that all of us, should take a step forward and try to reconcile. Try to find similiarities, rather than differences.

The news article is quoted from The Star

PETALING JAYA: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has called for polarisation to be eliminated.

“We must promise God that we must do whatever we can to ensure all Malaysians will live in peace together, and we must make every effort to ensure there is harmony.”

Abdullah said that future generations could only grow when there is peace and harmony.

“Then our children will have the chance to live a life that is peaceful and successful. It is our responsibility that their life will be one of fulfillment.

“They must also be brought up without any sense of prejudice or bad feelings to one another, and differences in religion should not be a hindrance for them to develop friendship,” Abdullah said.

Speaking at the Christian Federation of Malaysian Christmas open house here on Thursday, Abdullah said he was aware that there were many problems that needed to be addressed.

“I have been talking to various people on what we need to do to solve these problems.

“I hope we can achieve some of the efforts that we are making today to ensure that this country continues to be better for all of us in terms of the social environment,” he added.

Abdullah said in this context, he would like to work together with religious leaders to develop a mechanism that could be used to solve problems or differences when they arose.

“I also know we have feelings of unhappiness and feelings of being marginalised.

“Such feelings should not be felt by Malaysians and there should be no feelings of being marginalised or feelings of being unhappy due to not having access to good opportunities.”

Abdullah said it was the government’s responsibility to ensure that all Malaysians regardless of race or religion had equal and fair access to opportunities.

He also called on all religious leaders to preach and emphasise religious tolerance and support freedom of worship.

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Markus Ng said...

Chen Chow, I beg to differ.

Putting any more emphasis on similarities will not solve polarisation or bring about unity. The big assumption there is that being similar = being united. That is very dangerous when brought to its logical conclusion.

What we need instead is for all of us to be more accepting of our differences. Until we do, we will still continue to be divided regardless of our similarities - every individual is different and unique

Chen Chow said...

Thanks, Markus. Agree with you on that. Each of us needs to recognize that each of us is unique and we each contribute to a greater Malaysia.

We would need to accept the differences. When I say, look for similarity, what I mean is about our perspective. Find similarity of ourselves, like, we are all having asian culture etc.

Respect each other's differences is crucial. Each culture maybe doing a certain thing because of certain reason. And we can learn, respect and bridge the gap.