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Malaysian Mensa Society Planet Green Treasure Hunt

This morning is the Malaysian Mensa Society Planet Green Treasure Hunt. This year's response has been pretty good, with a grand total of 44 cars participating. All of the cars were flagged off at 8am, and they have until 1pm to come back to Sri KDU (which is the venue sponsor).

Lawrence Hie, who has been dedicated set the questions for Mensa Hunt, is also the clerk-of-course for today. Today's theme is "Planet Green".

What inspired Lawrence to start this theme, is due to his recycling habit since 15 years ago, where his household would differentiate metal, glass, can etc, and every fortnight would send them for recycling. That's a very positive habit.

Some of the "green" tips that Lawrence shared include recycle newspaper, reuse shopping bag, use energy saving bulb etc. And all those 3 items highlighted above are today's treasure. And to support the charity initiative, the shopping bag and energy saving bulb is returned to all teams, so that they can use these 2 items in their shopping and household. That's little bit done to contribute to our mother nature.

During the morning briefing, each team has already submitted at least 20kg of newspaper. It is great to see everyone doing their little bit for our environment, and adding up all those newspapers, we have accumulated more than 1 tonne of newspaper. That is amazing. Malaysian Mensa Society would be doing a dollar-to-dollar matching to those money raised from the recycling and would be donated to WWF. Malaysia Newsprint Industries Sdn Bhd supported this initiative by picking up the newspaper today, as well as offering a higher than usual rate of payment for the newspaper, as part of their contribution and support to the charity.

So, how much impact this 1 tonne of newspaper recycling would bring to our environment. Read here :-
a) It would save 17 trees from being chopped down. (Yes, that's how many grown-up trees are needed to produce 1 tonne of newspaper.
b) Energy used to produce the paper is saved by between 50% to 67%.

So, every of this little effort would bring a lot of difference. It would be great if each of us could do our little part and make a big difference in our community.

Ok. Lets go down to the Treasure Hunt questions. All these are copyrighted by Lawrence. This sharing is based on what I could jot down during his presentation.

Q1. Reduced carbon footprint from home at the top
A1. Greenhill Residence

Q2. Resolution a week before new year
A2. LENO Corporation Berhad (Christmas is Noel and resolution is an anagram key word)

Q3. His life resulted in further research into an adverse neurological disorder
A3. Lorenzo

Q4. Persuasive advocate against man-made climatic change
A4. Alstrong

Q5. Well known wildlife conservationist impaled by swimmer
A5. Irwin

Q6. I need further details where can I get information about things that affect the environment.
A6. Tell me more

Q7. The white one from booker prize winner is not about wildlife endangerment
A7. Tiger

Q8. Dangerous seaway where modern day buccaneers lurk
A8. Restoran Aden

Q9. Curbing hair spurt here
A9. Sharitpur mini market sdn bhd

Q10. Designed to give resistance with a tiny change in me
A10. Mintye Brakes (Me on the outside, with tiny anagram)

Q11. Automobile community is cutting service here
A11. Carnation Hair Salon

Q12. Concise & Imaginative
A12. Laconic Creative

Q13. 2 aspects of environment that are here to stay
A13. Hotel Forest Hill

Q14. Jet alarm plays an important role where we are concerned
A14. Jar Metal (M) Sdn Bhd Recycling (plays is an anagram)

Q15. Collision of this in the LHC might reveal the secrets of the natural world
A15. Proton

Q16. Way behind after I left to get a personal electrical transporter
A16. SEGi University College

Q17. Positively and Periodically found alongside gold
A17. Proton Platinium

Q18. Another name for the rainforest?
A18. Timberland (Rimba Mulia Management is accepted too)

Q19. Movie where protagonist seems to know what will happen
A19. Next

Q20. Connection to a thousand here
A20. M-Link

Q21. Could be reinvent after recycle, reduce and reuse
A21. The Fourth R Computer Center

Q22. Toy tag tied wrongly requires prompt action
A22. Get it today

Q23. Select many ideas from others is a typical characteristic not for the faint-hearted.
A23. Eclectic quinessential bold

Q24. Stop large defects for energy conservation
A24. LP Gas Store

Q25. Port usage includes organized tour
A25. Ortus

Q26. Brown clouds are reducing this in some Asian cities
A26. Sunshine

Q27. Ya, Oasis Palm Resort, Many send postcards here
A27. Pos Malaysia

Q28. Watch for refurbished eastern cruise line
A28. Cineleisure

Tie-Break Question 1. When there is wrongdoing, it will be secreted for asimilation
A1. PEP (if you add a sin, it becomes pepsin)

Tie-Break Question 2. Locomotor trend changes availability
A2. Cold Room To Let

Tie-Break Question 3. Jelly Fish Seen Here
A3. Medusa Hair Studio

Puzzle Question:-
36 48 54 99 87
43 94 36 26 80
39 62 ?? 10 25

(For each line, first number is top left, then top right, then center, then bottom left and then bottom right)

Answer: 28

For treasures, they are:-
1. At least 20kg of newspaper
2. Reusable shopping bag (Tesco, Jusco, Giant)
3. Philip Genie 14W Warm White Energy Saver
4. First Choice Biodegradable Gabbage Bag (Large)
5. Salonpas Patches in a Pack
6. Campbell Tomato Juice or V8 Campbell Juice

For each of the 28 questions, they are 3 marks each, so total is 84 marks
Puzzle is 4 marks
1st Treasure - Newspaper is 12 marks
2nd to 6th Treasure - each is 8 marks, so total is 40 marks
Grand total is 140 marks.

Champion team has 140 marks! Congrats!
2nd and 3rd place has 137 marks.
5th - 133 marks (95% correct)
10th - 126 marks (90% correct)
15th - 116 marks (83% correct)
20th - 110 marks (79% correct)
25th - 104 marks (75% correct)

Total cars are 44 cars. So, more than half of the team got more than 75% correct!

Thanks again for the support for Malaysian Mensa Society Planet Green Treasure Hunt
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