Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Top 20 Homegrown Malaysian Sites for December 2008 by Guan Sin

Guan Sin blogged again on the Top 20 Homegrown Malaysian Sites for December 2008. You can go to his site to see the full details of the ranking.

He did the ranking based on Alexa and the ranking below is taken from his site. Last month's ranking is in parenthesis.

1. TheStar.com.my (2)
2. Maybank2u.com.my (3)
3. Malaysiakini.com (1)
4. Cari.com.my (5)
5. Mudah.com.my (7)
6. Lowyat.net (8)
7. Utusan.com.my (4)
8. JobStreet.com (6)
9. Airasia.com (10)
10. Bharian.com.my (9)
11. Hmetro.com.my (12)
12. Lelong.com.my (13)
13. Sportstoto.com.my (14)
14. M2day.org (Malaysia Today) (11)
15. ChinaPress.com.my (16)
16. Pbebank.com (19)
17. Cimbclicks.com.my (17)
18. Jobstreet.com.my (-)
19. Tm.net.my (20)
20. Magnum4d.com.my (-)

Looking at it and based on Guan Sin's analysis, political sites like Malaysiakini and Malaysia Today have suffered a drop in visitors. Harakah Daily, which used to be ranked 15th have dropped out of top 20. NST, which used to be ranked 18th is out of top 20 too.

Malay newspapers, like Utusan and Berita Harian suffered a drop too.

JobStreet.com does suffer a drop as well from 6th to 8th rank, but we do see emergence of JobStreet.com.my (its Malaysian site) pops into 18th rank. So, in overall, the traffic for JobStreet.com may not have gone down.

On the flip side, the sites that improve in rankings, include e-commerce sites, like cari, mudah and lelong. All have improved. Sportstoto and Magnum have improved too.

In terms of consumer banks, Maybank2u and pbebank (Public Bank) have improved their ranking too.

To round up other sites that improve, that includes thestar, lowyat, airasia, harian metro, china press and tmnet.

Thanks again to Guan Sin for this interesting analysis!

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Anonymous said...

Alexa only gets stats from people who install the toolbar (read spyware) on their PCs. As such I would not trust their stats too much.

Chen Chow said...

While I won't call Alexa ranking as perfect, I would say that it is still the best way for us to have a rough gauge of the traffic of each site.

Most of the corporate companies today do take alexa ranking quite seriously.