Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Opportunity Grant Award

Thanks to my loyal blog reader for this info.

If you would need some funding to pay for your SAT, TOEFL, application fees etc, this would be a great option!

Do spread the words around!

For full info, please go to here

Helping You Take the Next Step Toward Study in the U.S.!

Opportunity grants are support for talented international students who may need financial help to take the next steps toward study in the United States at an accredited institution of higher learning.

These grants are available now to help cover the upfront costs of seeking higher education in the U.S., and are part of EducationUSA's broad range of assistance to international students.

We want to demonstrate that international students like you are welcome in the U.S., and increase access to U.S. institutions of higher learning for deserving students who have broad interests and ambitions but modest means. These grants make it possible for students who would be otherwise unable to afford the costly application process to take the next step toward an education in the United States.


Testing fees, including additional score reports, for TOEFL, SAT, GRE and other specialized tests required by U.S. institutions.

Round-trip transportation and, if necessary, overnight accommodation and meals at testing sites located far from the student's home.

Application fees for U.S. institutions to which the student is applying.

International courier fees to ensure the student's application package reaches U.S. institutions.

Costs of translations and certifications of the sutdent's documents and records.

Cost of international telephone or internet communications with receiving institution for the purpose of an admissions interview or to finalize details.

Cost relating to applying for appropriate U.S. visa.

Round-trip transportation to a U.S. Embassy or Consulate and, if necessary, overnight accommodation and meals.

Transportation to the U.S. to the institution where student will begin studies.

Advanced English lessons for specialized uses to enchance student's competitiveness in his/her academic field (i.e. technical English, scientific English, business English, etc.)

A one-time settling-in allowance.

Limited financial aid to supplement assistance offered by an accredited U.S. institution of higher learning when the offer falls short of meeting the student's needs.


There are no complicated forms or lengthy procedures. Students who wish to apply should simply contact an adviser at the nearest EducationUSA advising center abroad for details or log to www.educationusa.state.gov/centers/ for the full list of worldwide available advising centers.

Remember, Opportunity grants are here to help you take the next step toward an American higher education. You may apply early in the process of applying to go to the U.S., for help with testing fees, or may apply after acceptance at a school in the United States, for limited financial aid funds to help pay for your studies.

This program is only open to students who will not receive a Fulbright or other U.S. Government-sponsored grant.

Application forms can also be downloaded from here. (Please read the Download Instructions below)

Click the download link below. A dialog box will appear.

Click "Save to file" option.
The file will be saved in your chosen drive.
Open the file, please typewritten all the highlighter in grey.
Print the form.
Please mail the application form to:

Opportunity Grants Award
18th Floor, Menara Yayasan Tun Razak
200 Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur

For more informations, please email to meena@macee.org.my

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Aaron Lo said...

Chen Chow,

This is Aaron Lo. Where did you obtain this info?

A few weeks ago I was searching for info about this award. I emailed them but my messages were unreplied. So I called them.

I was told this award might not continue anymore, due to the change in the US leadership at the federal level. And that further details would only be available after Jan 21.

Chen Chow said...

One of my blog readers found it through MACEE website. The link is above.

You can check on it.

Chen Chow said...

Aaron has emailed me this information. Hopefully, this would help those who read this article.

I saw your reply on your blog. I am aware of the link, but there is absolutely no indication of date/deadline, so it could be a webpage that dates back to a year ago. The only indication of date, if can be considered one, seemed to be from the URL, which suggest that it is from 13 of May. Furthermore at MACEE's webpage (which presumably contained the latest information), these is no mention of the award at all.

For what it's worth, I just want to share that I found this exact same form too when I was about to apply, but I wasn't sure if it is the latest form. I ended up searching for info, downloading the forms, calling MACEE, emailing them, only to be told it is not going to continue anymore due to change of government. This happened fairly recently as you know, so I would assumed that is the latest policy by MACEE regarding the Opportunity Initiative Award.

Just thought it would be great for others to know.