Monday, December 29, 2008

"Corporate Confidential" by Susan A. Dephillips

Read this book "Corporate Confidential" by Susan A. Dephillips. It seems quite a good book for someone at my stage of career, where it shares with me various do's and don't for career.

What it shared is not rocket science, but it is quite a good read, to see the perspectives of those Senior Executives that she has interviewed. It was summarized as a whole, and I would say that it is quite an interesting read.

However, as I was looking through the review in Amazon, those readers are not giving as good a response. You can assess it here . Guess perhaps my standard expected is not as high, or maybe it is suitable for those who are at my stage of career.

Guess you can browse it and decide. I was reading it through at Borders at Queensbay mall.

Nearing the end of reading, I was surprised to meet Khye Theng and Victor there. :)

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