Tuesday, March 03, 2009

World Water Youth Forum!

Share ideas and have your voice heard! Take your part in the World Water Youth Forum (16th-22nd March 2009)!

All the way through ages, water-related problems have been one of the greatest challenges facing humanity. Following a UN survey on the important issues for the 21st century water ranks second. Following this premise, it can be said that prospects for human development are endangered by an intensified global water crisis.

The 5th World Water Forum thus aims to bring more to the world than merely ideas and debate amongst water experts; it aims to bring the world to Istanbul to improve our understanding of divergent points of view and allow us to share solutions.

Taking action is manifold. Every segment of society is responsible for the effective management of water issues. Inspired by the idea that youth should be accepted as partners for development, helping to chart a united course and shaping the expectations for everyone, many students and young water professionals are vying for being representatives of water awareness. Young people that are either affiliated with NGOs or student clubs or not tied to any organization or company, have creative ideas and are ready for making a difference. Thus in order to intone a strong voice in the water issues, active participation of youth is crucial. It is crucial that YOU(TH) participate!

If you have suggestions, ideas, knowledge, products or strategies related, then don’t lose the opportunity to tell the world! You are welcome to participate. Come to share the experience with a diverse worldwide community of experts and politicians.

Should you have any questions or comments regarding the upcoming WWYF, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to seeing you in Istanbul and your participation.To find out more about registeration please visit our web site:

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