Monday, March 16, 2009

Congrats for Admission to MIT, Caltech, NYU, Tufts, Chicago, Cornell, Sloan, Harvard

After highlighting on Saw YiHui's admission for MIT Class of 2013 for undergraduate this morning, I have heard of a few other good news to share!

Loke Zhi Kin got admitted to Caltech Class of 2013!!! Since Chen Yee got in a few years back, I don't think any other Malaysian has gotten in for undergrad.

Then, a little source told me of a Malaysian got into NYU Class of 2013 for undergrad. Unfortunately, I still do not know of the name of the admitted student... :(

Then Raymond told me of his Master's admission to Tufts Fletcher School and University of Chicago, besides Rutgers. Great that he is getting a bunch of offers, especially with him gotten Fulbright Scholarships.

Then, Pei Xin, a senior in Purdue University told me that he got into my alma mater, Cornell University for PhD in Genetics and Development with full financial aid!

Last but definitely not least, Hew Mun, ATU7 who did her undergrad at Brandeis, told me of her good news of being admitted for a dual-degree master at MIT Sloan MBA and Harvard Medical School for Master's in Health Science & Technology, under Biomedical Enterprise Program. She was one of the 10 students around the entire world that got offered this program.

Syabas and Congrats to all of you! There are many more other admission good news that they have shared with me! Congrats too! I would update as I know of more good news. If anyone knows of any good news, do share with me!

To all who got in, hopefully you would make full use of the opportunities there. Getting in is the first step, and it must be especially sweet, after a lot of hard work! Don't waste the opportunity! All the best!

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