Thursday, March 12, 2009

GIC Professionals Programme

Thanks Ee Mae for sharing this job posting by GIC.

GIC Professionals Programme

The Government of Singapore Investment Corporation (GIC) is a global fund management
company whose sole task is to invest the foreign reserves of Singapore, amounting to well over US$100 billion. We are inviting bright and energetic people to join our Professionals Programme commencing August 2009.

Our target is soon-to-be graduates, or graduates who have been out of university for no more than 4 years. We are looking for those who want to build a career with GIC, whether as an investment professional or in any of the supporting roles which enable excellent investment results.

GIC invests in multiple asset classes in both the public and private markets, across 40 countries. We have over a thousand staff, comprising over thirty nationalities working in eight offices in the world’s major financial centres. What we offer is an exciting and rewarding career, where teamwork is strong, assignments are satisfying and demands are challenging.

Started in 1981, GIC takes pride in our tradition of professionalism and meritocracy. We have a reputation of being among the best large public and corporate pension, endowment and sovereign wealth funds in the world.

The GIC Professionals Programme underlines our commitment to continually seek talent for the long term, no matter whether the economy is up or down. We are looking for candidates from varied academic and work backgrounds who have:-

– Good IQ (intellectual capacity);
– Good EQ (emotional quotient – ability to work with and through others) and
– Good AQ (adversity quotient – capacity to take ups and downs with equanimity,
tenacity and resourcefulness).

Excellent grades are not good enough. You must be a person of character and integrity.

This is a one-year program conducted at our headquarters in Singapore, a vibrant city in Asia and a global financial hub in its own right. It starts with 5 weeks of intensive classroom training in finance, economics, investment analysis and GIC’s businesses. This is followed by 3 job rotations of 2 months each (generally one to public markets, one to private markets and one to investment support or corporate services), capped by a trainee stint in one of the departments.

You will benefit from our rich internal and external network of expertise. Senior management will host regular interactive sessions. You will be assigned a Managing Director as your mentor. Rotations will involve hands-on projects which could include overseas trips.

Those who complete the program successfully will be appointed Associates, and move on to careers in GIC which will be watched with much interest and expectation.

If you are ready to invest your time and energies in a future with us, email an application letter with your resume to Please indicate in the subject field of your application the reference code “YPP2009”.

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