Friday, March 27, 2009

Berkeley, Northwestern, NYU

Congratulations to Nellie for getting into University of California, Berkeley Class of 2013! That makes it 6 Malaysians (Hui Juin, Yee Jie, Jayson, Jie Min, Wern Chia, Nellie) who get offer from there! A new record! :)

For Northwestern Class of 2013, at least 4 got in - Wui Yarn, Jie Min, Carmen, Tee Jin!

For NYU Class of 2013, 1 more - Xiao Shan got in! That makes it 3 - Hui Juin, Soraya and Xiao Shan!

For UCLA Class of 2013, Wui Yarn also got in, so that makes it 2, Wui Yarn and Jie Min!


To all who got in, I would say that getting in is just the first step. What is more important is you should make full use of the opportunities. Or else, it is just wasted opportunities.

To all who got rejected, please do not give up hope yet, as long as you have 1 university that hasn't informed you of the decision. There is hope. Miracle does happen. So, lets keep fingers' crossed.

Even if you failed to get into any university, I felt very sorry to you, and I know that it must be tough to go through. But do toughen yourself up. Take the time to rebuiild yourself, learn as much as you can, and move on. Good Luck!

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