Thursday, March 12, 2009

Malaysia Think Tank Issue 4 Mac 2009

Issue 4, Mac 2009

Tokoh-Tokoh Politik Sertai Malaysia Think Tank

 Malaysia Think Tank mengumumkan pembentukan Kumpulan Penasihat Rentas Parti (Cross Party Advisory Group - CPAG) yang dianggotai oleh tokoh-tokoh politik daripada pelbagai parti. Baca Lagi

Akademi Merdeka Mei 2009

 Malaysia Think Tank kini membuka permohonan untuk menghadiri Akademi Merdeka kali ketiga. Akademi Merdeka kali ini akan mengkaji idea-idea berkaitan sifat keusahawanan dan kapitalisme yang diutarakan oleh buku Atlas Shrugged, dan meneliti aplikasinya pada masa sekarang. Baca Lagi

Kajian Antarabangsa Pemilikan Harta: Malaysia di tempat ke-36

 Wan Saiful Wan Jan, Ketua Pengarah Malaysia Think Tank, berkata: "Malaysia mendapat tempat ke 36 dalam senarai dunia. Antara negara-negara ASEAN yang disenaraikan dalam IPRI 2009, kita mendapat tempat kedua selepas Singapura. Pencapaian kita agak baik dalam bidang perlindungan pemilikan harta fisikal. Tetapi masih ada ruang yang perlu diperbaiki dalam bidang perundangan dan politik serta perlindungan harta intelektual." Baca Lagi

Sleaze and incompetence hurt everyone

by Tunku 'Abidin Muhriz

 And it is because of incompetence that instead of deliberating in their own chamber to determine the true balance of power, they sought audiences in the royal court in an attempt to absolve themselves of responsibility over their own mistakes and to enable blame or gratitude to be placed upon the monarch. It is grotesque that the sultan has been blamed for "flawed intervention" (as if the palace initiated this mess) and it is desperate that the judgment of the nation's most esteemed former Lord President is being condemned. Read more

What can Malaysian liberals learn from their friends in Australia?

by Keith Leong

 The Liberals had the added indignity of having their leader, former Prime Minister John Howard defeated in his own seat. Debates are now rife over the viability of the Liberal brand. It can be said that part of the problems for the Liberal Party was that it was never able to reconcile its economic rationalist, socially conservative wing with the more moderate elements of their party. Read more

Face the economic crisis with ASEAN spirit

by Wan Fadzrul Wan Bahrum and Wan Saiful Wan Jan

 The 14th ASEAN summit in Thailand concluded on 1 March. In facing the global economic crisis, ASEAN leaders issued a statement reaffirming their determination to ensure the free flow of goods, services and investment, and facilitate movement of business persons, professionals, talents and labour, and freer flow of capital. They also agreed to stand firm against protectionism and to refrain from introducing and raising new barriers. Read more

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