Thursday, March 12, 2009

Need MBA Interns from Cornell Johnson School?

Notes from Cornell Johnson School
As you know, this is a difficult time to obtain a job. The Cornell Johnson School community is pulling together to help each other connect with opportunities. We anticipate that a number of 2nd year students will not have a job lined up by graduation and 1st year students will not have an internship. To help these students we are launching the MBA Project Initiative to connect them with project work over the summer.

Think about whether there are projects in your organization that have been put on the shelf due to lack of someone to do them. Contact us if you think there might be a project for an MBA or MBA team during the summer months so we can explore it with you.

The purposes of the project are to (1) help companies complete work that they do not have the internal resources to carry out, (2) provide a legitimate work experience for students that can add to their credentials while they continue to search for a permanent job, and (3) provide a limited financial return to the students, if possible.

When possible, the sponsoring company will receive several candidates to choose from. We will first match students with your project prior to you receiving resumes.

The standard rate of pay for students is $25.00 per hour for hours worked on the project.

Contact Candace Maxian, Johnson School Manager, Projects Office ( or 607-255-0161) who will discuss your project scope.

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