Saturday, March 07, 2009

January Trades crash

Our trade figures really look worrying.

This is quoted from The Star
PETALING JAYA: Malaysia’s January exports were down 27.8% to RM38.3 billion from the same month a year ago with electrical and electronic exports falling due to a slump in demand.
According to the Statistics Department, although the country recorded a trade surplus of RM8.83 billion in January, its 135th consecutive month of trade surplus, month-on-month exports decreased 16.9% from last December.

It added that total imports decreased by 32% to RM29.47 billion from a year ago.
Intermediate goods accounting for 67.4% of imports while capital goods accounted for 16.4% and consumption goods accounted for 8.2%.

Total trade, including exports and imports, were down 29.7% to RM67.77 billion compared to a year ago.

It said among major exports, electrical and electronic products made up 35.9% or RM13.74 billion, liquefied natural gas made up 10.9% or RM4.18 billion while palm oil made up 7.2% or RM2.77 billion of total exports.

It said Singapore, Japan, US, China and South Korea accounted for 51.7% of exports while Asean accounted for 24%.

The top five import sources by value were China, Japan, US, Singapore and Thailand. Asean accounted for 23.3% of total imports.

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