Saturday, March 28, 2009

Listing of Admitted Students as of 28th March 2009

Below is the summary of all the admission decision that I have announced in my blog over the past 2 weeks.

Berkeley - Hui Juin, Yee Jie, Jayson Poon, Jie Min, Wern Chia, Nellie plus 2 more

Brown - Charis Loke (Early Decision)

Caltech - Zhi Kin, Suk Sien plus 1 more

Columbia - Kristin Khor (Master's) plus 1 more (Master's)

Cornell - Chang Ha and Boon Jim (Early Decision), Pei Xin (PhD), Pei Yee (Master's), Raymond (Master's)

Georgetown - Raymond (master's)

MIT - Yi Hui, Hew Mun (Master's of MIT Sloan and Harvard Med School Dual-Degree).

Northwestern - Wui Yarn, Carmen, Jie Min, Tee Jin plus 3 more (Wait List: Sher Minn plus 1 more)

NYU - Soraya, Hui Juin, Xiao Shan

Stanford - Kimberley Ho (Early Action) plus 1 more (Master's)

Tufts - Raymond (Master's)

UChicago - Raymond (Master's), Tzuo Hann (PhD), Yin Wei, Vin Nie plus 1 more (Wait List: Hui Juin, Yee Jie)

UCLA - Jie Min, Wui Yarn

UPenn - Tzuo Hann (PhD)

Washington (St. Louis) - Nellie

Wellesley - Gabrielle

There are a few "Plus 1 More", which means either the admitted student requests to stay anonymous or I still could not reach the admitted students yet.

If there is any missing/error, please kindly let me know.

There are a lot more who get admitted to various U.S. universities. Some of those universities have quite a number of admits or I simply are not aware of your admisison.

If you like to include your name for any university, do let me know. Will do.

Thanks to all informants for feeding me the info and thanks to all accepted ones for allowing me to post your decision here.

Hopefully that this will be a motivation for future year's students.

Newly added:-

28th Mar 4:31pm - Congrats to Vin Nie for getting into University of Chicago Class of 2013!
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