Saturday, March 28, 2009

Congratulations to Gabrielle

Congratulations, Gabrielle!!! Very happy that you finally have your dream come true!!! You are now confirmed to be going to US!!! :)

The past few weeks must be very tough for you, but now you got your confirmed offer, things can only get better from here.

Congratulations to Gabrielle Chong Yong Wei for getting into Wellesley College Class of 2013.

Lets wait for your other admission decision first, but Wellesley is a fantastic school. Yap Sui Lin went to Wellesley and continued to Harvard for PhD!

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Gabrielle said...

Heck, Chen Chow, I wouldn't have made it without your help - not just in reading essays, but more importantly, the organisations that you helped to set up and maintained - Recom, Discover, scholarship talks etc, as well as the culture of US undergrad kids helping out fellow applicants that you helped to promote, at the expense of your time and efforts.

You're getting your buckets of chicken, Chen Chow!

Chen Chow said...

Hey Gabrielle, you fully deserve the admission. You have ploughed back a lot to help others too!

Lets keep this tradition going, of all those who have been helped, would help others!