Saturday, March 28, 2009

Project What's After SPM

Are you a Malaysian?
Are you between age of 18 and 35?

If you answer YES to both the questions above, you are who we are looking for.

This is for Project What's After SPM.

We are looking for any youth to write on any phase of your life - education, career, special interest, traveling, hobby, research, activities, charity etc. It could be on anything, and we want as diverse and unique as possible.

It will be just 600-800 words, which we hope that you can help us to provide your story to be shared with students and parents of Form 4 and Form 5, where they will be in the crossroads soon.

We hope that this book would be a good platform for them to learn about the possibilities and opportunities.

For this book, it is done as a community service, as all involved have agreed not to receive a cent of royalty.

Please kindly help us to spread the words around and please kindly write too! We still need a lot of entries.

Deadline is currently at 31st March 2009. Don't worry if you need to exceed the deadline by some days.

Progress as of now:-

Number of Entries: 34 (Target: 100)
Number of Websites/Blogs Promoting: 35
Number of Sponsors: 1 (RM1,000)
Number of Donors for alma mater: 3
Number of English-BM translations: 8
Number of English-Mandarin translations: 8

Translation would only be done later part of this year.

Do check out Project What's After SPM.

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