Sunday, March 29, 2009

HELP US Education Seminar

A bunch of students from HELP University College have decided to joint force and share what they have gone through for their U.S. Universities Application processes.

They will know of their own admission decision over the next few days too! Among which, Kimberley Ho has already gotten her Early Action offer from Stanford University for Class of 2013. Tara was one of the 3 shortlisted for Harvard University interview in Malaysia.

The 2 seminars will be held on:-
3rd April 2009 - Noon to 1:30pm
10th April 2009 - Noon to 1:30pm

Venue:- Kompleks Pejabat Damansara-Blok E SR1.1, HELP University College

The facebook group is here .

Their publicity (copied from Facebook) is as follow:-
Teo Xian Jin
Tara Thean
Kimberley Ho
Alvin Ung
Michael Chow

Who are we?

We are a group of post-US applicants from HELP University College (Plus a Middlebury Writing Graduate) who wish to share our application experience, valuable tips and un-Google-able advice to potential US applicants.

Why are we organizing this?
Well, to put it simply, to make you don't go through the hell we did! (And also to encourage the free flow of US application information)

The Seminar is split into 2 days, April 3rd and April 10th.

(NOTE: Our Seminar content is not being repeated on two separate days. A different range of topics that complement each other will be covered on both days)

So make sure you come on both dates!

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