Sunday, May 18, 2008

Survey Report on 2008 JPA Scholarship [Accepted Scholars]

Thanks to runninghorse from - The Worldwide Malaysian Students Network who did a small sampling (56 out of 2,000 JPA Scholars) this year on their results and various info distribution.

It is reproduced below.

Survey Report on 2008 JPA Scholarship [Accepted Scholars]

Total Participants: 56

Scholar's status
Bumi (including bumi Sabah and Sarawak): 15 [26.79%]
Non-Bumi : 41 [73.21%]

SPM result (exclude GCE O-Level)
Straight A1: 18 [32.14%]
Staraight As
10A1 and above: 16 [28.57%]
below 10A1 : 11 [19.64%]
Mixture of As and Bs: 11 [19.64%]

GCE O-Level
A1: 29 [51.79%]
A2: 17 [30.36%]
B3: 6 [10.71%]
B4: 4 [7.14%]

Family income
> RM 1500: 45 [80.36%]
< RM 1500: 11 [19.64%]

Course applied
Medicine : 11 [19.64%]
Dentistry : 7 [12.5%]
Pharmacy : 7 [12.5%]
Engineering : 7 [12.5%]
Actuarial Science : 4 [7.14%]
Humanity/Social Science: 4 [7.14%]
Biotechnology : 4 [7.14%]
Accountancy : 4 [7.14%]
Pure Science : 2 [3.57%]
Economy : 2 [3.57%]
IT/Computer Science : 1 [1.79%]
Architecture : 1 [1.79%]
Law : 1 [1.79%]
Quantity Survey : 1 [1.79%]

If you are JPA Scholars SPM 2007 batches, please respond there, to make the survey more representative.

Thank you.

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qwerty said...

hi chenchow,

Im a malay. 8A1s, 2A2s GCE O A1. Applied Engineering. Income >RM1500.

Btw, is it possible for you to filter some of the comments in Recom?

I find some of the comments rather insulting.

Recom is supposed to a Malaysian Student network but it is misused my certain people who clearly do not think twice before posting anything on it.

Chen Chow said...

Thanks for your feedback.

Regarding the comments in ReCom, I would say that we adopt the concept that majority of members would be matured enough to post responsible posts.

So, if you find any part of the posts are insulting, do quote it and rebut it. Don't attack the person, but attend the post itself.

We can't just filter off stuff, or else, people would be commenting on the loss of freedom of information.

We are hoping to slowly inculcate the habit of responsible posting.

Thanks for your support of!