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JPA Scholarships Statistic - 2004 - 2007

This is regarding JPA Scholarships. Thanks to my blog reader for submitting this!

Prime Minister, YAB Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi shared on the full statistics for JPA Scholars.

From the statistic that we have seen below, I would analyze it as follow:-

1. Average number of JPA Scholarships to study abroad per year = 6,084/4 = 1,521.
2. % of JPA Scholarships who study abroad are Bumiputeras = 4,540/6,084 = 74.62%
3. Similarly, non-Bumiputeras consist of 25.38%.

This defuses those earlier "statistic" that some people have been blogging about or commenting that non-bumiputera consists of 20% among those who got scholarships. It is not the case. I won't want to go into the debate/discussion on whether 25% is an appropriate number, but again, I would like to really invite my blog readers to look at it from our national perspectives, rather than from the skin colours. I know that my analysis above does again fall within racial lines, but it is my hope to reduce the misconception that each side has on the other side. And to those who are insisting on looking at racial line, do note that the number of non-bumiputeras who get have been increasing every year. So, if we really look at 2007 statistics, it would be more than 25%.

In terms of JPA Scholarships to study locally, there are 5,759 students who get the scholarships each year. Of which, 87.23% are bumiputera. This would mean 12.77% are non-bumiputera.

Good Luck to all my blog readers who are waiting anxiously for JPA Scholarships results to be out next week. To discuss more on JPA Scholarships, do go to - The Worldwide Malaysian Students Network . It has the best collection of JPA Scholarships information!

Below are the full quotations from the articles in NST

BETWEEN 2004 and 2007, a total of 6,084 Malaysian students were offered full scholarships by the Public Service Department to pursue their studies abroad, said Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

He said 4,540 students were Bumiputeras and 1,544 students were non-Bumiputeras.

Abdullah said 23,038 students were offered scholarships by the department to pursue their studies locally.

Of this total, 20,096 were Bumiputeras and 2,942 students were non-Bumiputera.

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