Friday, May 02, 2008

How my blog does in April

It's May 2008 already. Time really flies... Happy Labour Day to everyone!!!

Since it is another month goes by, I guess I should share here on how my blog progresses. Thanks a lot to everyone for having visiting my blog. Am always surprised when a lot of my friends, whom I haven't told them about my blog, do know about it.... Amazed by how the information spreaded.

Thanks to a lot of friends for putting my link at your site.

My main reason of blogging, guess as you can see, is about sharing on various events/activities that I know is happening, and perhaps also on certain news/information. Would stay focused to areas of my interest - education, youth, charity, and perhaps a sprinkler of stuff in Malaysian politics and economy. Also on various organizations that I am involved in. :) and also for my employer lar. :)

The growth of my blog has consistently amazed me... I know that for May, it is gonna to be tough for me to get more people to come over to read my blog, since guess a lot of my friends do know about my blog already. :)

Total Visits:-
Dec 2007 - 1391
Jan 2008 - 2149 (up 54%)
Feb 2008 - 3181 (up 48%)
Mar 2008 - 4290 (up 35%)
Apr 2008 - 5283 (up 23%)

If goes by magnitude wise, it is going up by about 1,000 a month. So, guess for me to continue the trend, I would have to bring total visits to about 6,200. That's a hefty 200 visits a day.... My April figure is also brought up by early April, when a lot of people been scanning my blog for updates on US Universities Admission news.

Total Hits:-
Dec 2007 - 2244
Jan 2008 - 3267 (up 46%)
Feb 2008 - 4642 (up 42%)
Mar 2008 - 6658 (up 43%)
Apr 2008 - 8182 (up 23%)

Dec 2007 - 1.61
Jan 2008 - 1.52
Feb 2008 - 1.46
Mar 2008 - 1.55
Apr 2008 - 1.55

Guess can safely say that it is gonna hovers around 1.5 lar.

Again, thanks everyone for visiting my blog. I know that this stat does not mean much, but it is a motivation for me to keep on blogging!

Do feel free to leave feedback for me!

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Would encourage any of my blog readers to share with me any event that you come across. As long as the event/activity/initiative is education/charity/youth oriented and is not-for-profit, I would be more than happy to post it to share!


Zul said...

Impressive stats. I am sure if you continue writing, it will grow bigger than you can imagine. Good luck.

PehHwa said...

I will always visit your blog. It's a great blog XD

Chen Chow said...

Thanks a lot, Zul and Peh Hwa for your support!